‘Yellowstone’ Favorites: Beth Dutton Reveals the ‘Biggest Pistol’ in Her Purse

by Katie Maloney

We all know not to mess with Beth Dutton. But she’s willing to remind anyone who forgot in this Yellowstone clip.

Beth Dutton is not only a force to be reckoned with, she’s a whole mood. If everyone had just a fraction of Beth’s badassery, the world would be a different place. We’re not sure if it’d be better or worse off, it would just be different. One of our favorite Beth moments is when she brings property developer, Dan Jenkins, to the bar. While there, she gets hit on by an unsuspecting and overly-confident wannabe cowboy. Beth destroys his attempt at being coy when she name drops…well, herself. She name drops herself and the cowboy runs for the hills.

During the scene, Beth gives Jenkins some pointers about the type of characters in the bar.

“It’s a real tightrope for men here. If you act too meek, the whole place will eat you alive. You act too strong, the whole place will test you,” says Beth.

The cowboy approaches Beth, grabs one of her beers and says, “You look like you’re worth riding around the arena.”

Without missing a beat, Beth replies “You think you could hang on?”

The cowboy responds, “With a fist full of that hair, I guarantee it.”

That’s when Jenkins attempts to come to beth’s defense. He stands up and says “You can’t talk to her like that.”

The cowboy throat punches Jenkins before trying to talk to Beth again. Beth reaffirms Jenkins’s statement.

“He’s right. You can’t talk to me like that.”

The cowboy tries to puff his chest one last time and says, “No? You better have a big pistol in that purse.”

Beth says, “I do. It’s called my name. Beth Dutton, what’s yours?”

Quickly defeated, the man walks away. Beth Dutton, deflating men one devasting quip at a time.

Is Rip’s Proposal To Beth Dutton Sweet Or Cringey?

For a woman who can give herself anything she wants, a traditional fancy proposal is not what Beth is looking for. Furthermore, Rip doesn’t have the money for big diamonds or documented proposal photos. So, he does what he feels is the most sentimental thing he can do. He digs up his dead mother’s body so that he can give Beth her ring. Although some people were offended by the action, Kelly defended the storyline. During an interview, Kelly shared that the scene is in-line with Taylor Sheridan’s (the show’s writer) idea of sentimentality.

“Well, that’s Taylor Sheridan. He’ll find that incredibly beautiful. You know what I mean? His take on it is that I mean, I don’t want to speak for him or Cole, but it feels right for the character,” said Reilly. “He doesn’t have money to go buy Beth a ring. Beth could buy herself diamonds if she wants. Beth doesn’t need anything. The whole him getting down on one knee, and someone videoing it? Beth couldn’t give a f*** about anything like that.”

Digging up graves isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think about true love. But Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler have always had their own, unique type of relationship.