‘Yellowstone’ Favorites: John Dutton and Tate Talk About Why Ranching is ‘One Hell of a Life’

by Jon D. B.

“Well if ranching’s so hard, how come we do it?” asks John Dutton‘s grandson Tate. Relive the classic ‘Yellowstone’ moment that reveals why the patriarch does it all.

It’s a damn fair question, isn’t it? With most of the Dutton’s hardships close to the reality of true American ranchers – why would anyone choose this grueling, unforgiving, and voraciously competitive business?

John Dutton answers the question with five timeless, grizzly words. And for Tate, who has come to think the world of his grandfather, it appears to be the only answer he’ll ever need.

The Generations of Yellowstone Ranch

“Ranching’s a terrible business, grandson,” John Dutton starts off the life lesson for his only grandchild, which you can re-watch in Paramount’s official clip below.

“Terrible? How?” a wide-eyed Tate asks in a ten-gallon hat that’s nine-gallons too big for his noggin’.

“Well where do I start?” John laughs with a pause. “We can’t control the price of beef, or hay, or the diesel it takes to take the cattle to auction or the hay out to the cattle. There’s federal regulations, state regulations, county regulations…”

“There’s people in the city suing us – complaining about the way we raise the food they eat,” he continues of Yellowstone Ranch’s many plights.

“What else? Lizards and droughts… And half the herd trying to kill itself in the river and the other half looking for a hole in the fence… So they can stand in the middle of the highway and get hit by a car. Or wander into the forest and get eaten by a grizzly,” he growls with an unsurprisingly perfect grizzly bear impersonation. “Or a big stinkin’ Sasquatch!”

Dutton attempts to diffuse the gravity of his answers with humor, but Tate’s having none of it.

“The hell is a Sasquatch?” he smiles. “There’s no such such thing as a Sasquatch, is there?” Tate asks, before redirecting their talk.

“One hell of a life…”

“Well if ranching’s so hard, how come we do it?” the youngster asks.

The question hits John hard this time. The Yellowstone patriarch pauses. There, in the moment, he takes in the wild Montana scenery with his only grandson. Within it – his answer is immediately clear, and as solid as the gruff in his voice.

“Because it’s one hell of a life, Tate… One hell of a life.”

Relive the classic moment below, one that solidifies so much of what we love about Yellowstone.

Ranching isn’t an easy life. In this official season 3 clip, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) explains to Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill) why it’s all worth it. Yellowstone, summer’s No. 1 drama, airs Sundays at 9/8c only on Paramount Network.

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