‘Yellowstone’ Favorites: John Dutton and Gov. Perry Take in a Montana Sunset

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of hit Paramount Network hit modern western series “Yellowstone” are fiending for new episodes to arrive.

The fourth season of the hit show is expected to air sometime over this upcoming year, with rumors of a June start. An exact date for a Yellowstone return is not yet known so fans will have to stay patient a little while longer.

To help tide over Yellowstone’s faithful viewership, we are taking a look of some of the show’s most impactful scenes. The show is pack with action and you can make a case the each episode has at least one impactful moment in it.

The romance between Kevin Costner’s John Dutton and Wendy Moniz’s Governor Lynelle Perry is an interesting subplot to the show. The two can often be seen getting cozy together but seemingly do not have a defined relationship so to speak.

In a scene from the show’s third season, Dutton and Gov. Perry share an afternoon together as the ranch’s campsite. The two have an obvious, yet fragile, attraction to each other.

Both hold high standing in the state of Montana with Perry the Governor and Dutton as the owner of one of the state’s largest cattle ranches. Dutton also serves as Livestock Commissioner for the Montana Livestock Association.

Yellowstone Ranch Romance features John Dutton and Governor Perry

Still, it is easy to see that the two Montanans certainly seem to enjoy each other’s company. In the following scene, John lays on the charm to entice the governor into some alone time on the ranch.

In the scene, Dutton is a couple of steps ahead, sending Perry’s “ride” away for a little bit. Accepting that she will at the campsite for a while, she gives in and indulges in a drink and Dutton’s company. With the rancher’s arm around her, she takes in the moment with John and being surrounded by the beautiful Montana landscape.

“How are you always three steps ahead of, John,” Perry asks in a flirty voice.

“I do a lot of sitting and thinking,” Dutton replies.

After a feeble attempt a playful resistence, Perry determines John’s charm is too much to overcome even she “has to leave first thing in the morning.”

We don’t know how the romance will play out in the upcoming season. But one thing is for certain — John Dutton’s got game.