‘Yellowstone’ Favorites: Ryan Bingham’s Walker Teaches Beth Dutton How to ‘Ride ‘Em Out’

by Thad Mitchell

On Paramount Network’s hit television show “Yellowstone,” one of the most popular characters is actress Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton.

Yellowstone fans are pining for their favorite show to return. We are still a few months out from the season four premiere. Show executive are planning for a summer return for Yellowstone with the month of June as a possibility.

In the meantime, fans of the modern western are using their free time to speculate on the future and recall the past. Internet message boards are full of theories, guesses and examinations of the previous season. Being one of the interesting and entertaining characters on the show, Beth is often a subject of discussion and debate.

With a sharp tongue and fierce loyalty to her father and family, Beth is the ruthless princess of Yellowstone Ranch. She is the only daughter of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and would seemingly go to the ends of the earth for him. She is also kind to her brother Kayce and his family, including his wife Monica and his son Tate. The same is not true for her other brother Jamie, whom she loathes for a incident when they were younger that left her infertile. Also, most notably, she got engaged to Ranch Foreman Rip Wheeler in the third season.

In a flashback scene earlier in the series, Beth’s mother, Evelyn Dutton, says she plans to “toughen her up.” She says she will make her the man that most men will never be — and that is exactly what Beth becomes.

Beth is typically played as a rough and tough gal who gets her way by her willingness to mix it up with the heavy hitter. But, though she rarely shows it, Beth has a softer side.

Yellowstone Ranch Hand Lends helping Hand to Beth Dutton

This scene, from season one, shows Beth attempting to relearn how to ride a horse. She grew an indifference to horse in her youth, stemming from her mother’s death. Hoping to literally and figuratively “get back on that horse again” she turns to ranch hand Walker, played by Ryan Bingham.

Beth is rarely put into a vulnerable state on the show but this scene does a great job of further developing her character. Walker attempts to teach Beth what a horse feels when being ridden by a human. Squeezing her torso, Walker asks Beth how it feels to have someone behind you latching on.

“Like your three seconds away from getting maced,” she says in typical Beth Dutton fashion.

Walker then likens her feelings to how a horse feels when being mounted.

“If you’re thinking it — you bet he’s feeling it,” he says. “Get on him again and make your body tell him everything is going to be ok.”

An emotional Beth does just that, mounting the horse with a different sense of calm and understanding. It is an excellent metaphor for Beth’s character learning to live and to love.

Yellowstone fans can only hope for more Beth Dutton in the upcoming season. The cliffhanging end to season three leaves her status unknown.