‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little’s New Claims About His Character Will Send Season 4 Theories Off the Rails

by Jon D. B.

As Yellowstone newcomer Finn Little is “waiting” to see what audiences think of his Season 4 character, fans are going crazy with theories. Who is this young man, and what role will he play?

It’s the question on every Outsider’s mind ahead of Yellowstone Season 4. We’ve still got two months to go until the two-episode premiere come November 7. In the meantime, Finn Little – a Taylor Sheridan regular – is ramping up anticipation for his followers on Instagram.

“Waiting… I don’t know what you will think of Carter… but he will certainly change things up,” the young actor posts Thursday. He includes what looks to be a behind-the-scenes snap of his character in black & white to get fan interest surging:

And it’s working. Yellowstone fan Maria D. comments “I am very excited to find more about the character of Carter” on Little’s official Instagram.

“Are you the young fellow who ran and hid when JD was shot along side the road??” guesses follower Ella. “Hmmmm who are you??”

Yet as fellow fan Phyllis points out, that can’t be the case. “No. That one was only 8yr old and he went to the bathroom down in the ditch,” she replies to Ella. “Carter’s character is a young teenager.”

This is true! What isn’t true, however, is Phyllis’ own comment on Little’s post, which reads: “The Dutton Ranch is a good place to be for a troubled teen.”

Ah, not too sure about that, Phyllis. Even without all the murder and espionage and revenge and what not, we wouldn’t exactly call the Duttons emotionally stable. Or role models. But damn do we love them anyway.

As for Finn Little’s Season 4 casting, we can’t wait to see what the 16-year-old actor brings to the series as Carter.

Who is Finn Little’s Carter in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

But who, exactly, is Carter? For Season 4, Carter enters as a troubled teenager in need of rescuing – and a home. Early reports describe him in the same vein as young Rip Wheeler (Kyle Red Silverstein) whom the Duttons gave a home as a teenager.

Perhaps most shocking of all, however, is that Carter is to be brought up on the ranch by Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton – and it has our Outsider senses tingling! Does this pseudo-adoption mean Beth will finally get her chance at motherhood? Even after everything Jamie put her through as a teenager herself?

And how, pre-tell, will Rip fit into all of this? The man has said himself he doesn’t even like dogs, let alone kids. Which – we’ll forgive you for the one huge sin of not liking dogs because you’re Rip, Rip. But oh, do we have so many questions.

Thankfully, Yellowstone Season 4 is right around the corner, and we’ll find out more about Carter and his role with the Duttons come November 7. So get those cowboy hats and cattle skin gloves ready, Outsiders. The series will return exclusively for Paramount Network and Paramount+.