‘Yellowstone’: Finn Little Shows Off ‘Old Boots’ and ‘New Spurs’

by Leanne Stahulak

Although Carter (Finn Little) doesn’t start out as a typical cowboy on “Yellowstone,” he picks up on the skills fairly quickly.

That’s thanks in large part to Little’s work behind-the-scenes as he trained for filming. Almost all of the “Yellowstone” stars go through some version of “cowboy camp” during their time on the show. Little did as well, working with various horse trainers who taught him how to ride and rope just like a cowboy.

Little sent a special shoutout to some of these folks earlier today. He posted a picture with two trainers along with his trusty cowboy boots. “TBT 2020: Old boots… New spurs… Friends forever. Thanks Bobby & Diane!” the “Yellowstone” star captioned the post. The first pic shows off the boots, while we see Diane Branagan and Bobby Lovgren in the second pic.

This isn’t the first time that Little’s posted throwback pics to filming Season 4. Or thanked the cast and crew who helped him learn how to be a cowboy on the show. All of these people’s hard work and dedication paid off in one of the most refreshing yet lovable characters we’ve seen on “Yellowstone.”

What’s Next for Carter on ‘Yellowstone?’

When we first met Carter, he was a shady 14-year-old who didn’t grow up in the best circumstances. He was prone to stealing and lying, which didn’t work well for him once he moved on to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

It took Rip Wheeler a while to trust Carter since he saw so much of himself in the young kid. But just like Rip, Carter has the potential to become someone better than he once was. He just has to dedicate himself to working hard and proving himself on the ranch.

Beth Dutton, on the other hand, got too close too fast to Carter. She had to work on distancing herself from him emotionally so they could both grow in the ways they had to. At the end of Season 4, fans were absolutely gutted when Beth told Carter not to call her “Mama.” His mother was dead, she said, and Beth reiterated that she would never be anyone’s mom.

This leaves Carter at an interesting crossroads for Season 5. Just when his relationship with Rip starts to grow, his bond with Beth wavers a bit. But maybe that just means that he’ll throw himself into his work even more. Even if Rip can’t be a father figure to Carter, he could still be a mentor. And that’s something Carter desperately needs in his life after his tumultuous upbringing.

Either way, we’re excited to see more of Little as Carter on our screens when “Yellowstone” returns for Season 5.