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‘Yellowstone’s Finn Little Wishes ‘Peace for Ukraine’ in Moving Post

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Following a number of celebrities and political figures speaking out about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “Yellowstone’s” youngest cowboy Finn Little appears to be joining in. Sharing a new social post, Little wishes for “peace for Ukraine.”

With a picture on Twitter, the “Yellowstone” actor lent support to the small country. The photo depicts the Sydney Opera House in Australia. It, like many famous structures around the world, is lit up with the blue and yellow colors of Ukraine.

Little simply shared the hashtags “humanity” and “Ukraine” next to an all-caps message “PEACE FOR UKRAINE.”

Though young, the actor seems to be sending a message that he, too, is against Russia’s invasion. The “Yellowstone” actor joined the cast for the latest season of the series – and he quickly became a fan favorite.

Further, Little was also included in the Screen Actors Guild Award nominations. Along with the other “Yellowstone” favorites, Little was also up for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series. When he found out about the nomination, Little was overjoyed for the major nod to the show.

“Feeling special,” he says in a post on social media. “Thanks SAG Awards for sending this lovely gift bag across the oceans to me! Congratulations to ALL the nominees in ALL the categories. Win or lose, the best reward is to be recognized for all that hard work by other actors – who KNOW EXACTLY what it takes to make GREAT entertainment.”

The cast unfortunately did not win the award, but it was the first ever major award nomination “Yellowstone” received.

‘Big Sky’s Kathryn Winnick Joins ‘Yellowstone’s Finn Little in Speaking Out About Ukraine

Like Little, “Big Sky” actress and Ukraine native Kathryn Winnick also recently spoke about the situation in Ukraine. She pleaded for peace and support for her home country during this uncertain time.

“I am Ukrainian, and I was born in Toronto, Canada, but I come from a Ukrainian family,” said Winnick. “The last few days, it’s [like] waking up in a nightmare. It’s horrible what’s happening. I am heartbroken, I am horrified, I am disgusted, I am devastated in seeing what is happening to our innocent civilians. We will fight. We will win. I am praying and I am asking and I am urging everyone to speak out. I can’t not speak. It’s very important to…”

The “Big Sky” actress continued: “I couldn’t fall asleep for four days now since it started, and I have family that are underground there,” she continued. “I have friends that are fleeing and are getting bombed in missile strikes. We need to say something. We need to make our voices heard, and it’s important for everyone to know that Ukraine is a strong nation. Our spirit is so strong, and we need all the support we can get.”