‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Announces He Is Potentially Up for Three Major Awards: ‘I Am Thrilled’

by Evan Reier

There’s little better than seeing someone who deserves praise finally receive some. For Yellowstone actor Forrie J. Smith, that day is here.

Smith isn’t your average actor. The man behind Lloyd on Yellowstone is an actual cowboy, not just a guy who looks like one. While he’s been mostly working in entertainment as an extra, he made his breakthrough with the Paramount Network show.

Now, the actor is up for a handful of awards and his excitement is uncontainable.

“I AM OVER THE TOP EXCITED!!!” Smith opens the post. “I was just told that I am being nominated for the 2022 SAG Awards in 3 categories by MTV Entertainment Group-Via!!”

According to the Yellowstone star, he is being nominated for Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Critics Choice Award) and Overall for Best Drama Series.

It sounds like a couple of those are shared with the Yellowstone cast, but either way a tremendous achievement and deserved recognition for Smith.

“I am thrilled,” Smith continues. “You all deserve so much gratitude for helping my talents and efforts get acknowledged by my peers! Thank you all so much and can’t wait until the end of Feb. 2022. This is such a huge honor for me to be nominated and I couldn’t have done this without my online social medial publicist, Camille O’Donnell.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Talks Season 4

While everyone loves awards and recognition, the reason why Yellowstone is so great is that it doesn’t really care about that stuff. It is unapologetic in terms of its identity, but it also delivers captivating entertainment fans can’t get enough of.

As the show enters its highly-anticipated fourth season, it will introduce more cast members, including Finn Little’s Carter. As we’ve gotten closer to release, we’re learning a little bit more about the young man. While it sounds like his origins are similar to Rip Wheeler’s, Smith actually referenced another character.

“He’s not quite the crushed soul that Jimmy was when he came. He’s more of an innocent, open slate,” sSmith said.

It’s an interesting point to make, although it’s not a direct connection or anything. Yellowstone fans have no clue exactly who Carter is or what he’ll be like, but it’s clear he has a big role to play in season 4.