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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Is ‘Giving Back’ To His Neighbors By Spending Time With Elementary Class

by Courtney Blackann

There may not be any new episodes of “Yellowstone” currently, but actor Forrie J. Smith is plenty busy with his off time. The generous cowboy seems to be spending his downtime volunteering and giving back in his community. Most recently, Smith visited an elementary school and spent some time with a group of “respectful” kids and teachers.

Sharing in a post on Instagram, Smith expressed his gratitude at being able to spend a few hours with the kids at Midway Elementary School. He shared how delightful the experience was as well as how friendly both the staff and students were.

“I would like to say, how impressed I was of all the students yesterday and how well-mannered, respectful and friendly they were at Midway Elem. school. Kudos to the teachers and staff. Giving back to my neighbors and doing community affairs!” Smith captioned his post.

The actor has been really busy since the final episode of “Yellowstone” season five concluded. Not only is he dishing out some new coffee-infused whiskey with Oak & Eden, but he’s also been giving back to his community by reading with elementary kids.

Other Projects “Yellowstone” Actor is Undertaking

Further, the “Yellowstone” actor’s whiskey line is a collaboration with the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and Smith is donating $5 from every bottle sold to their organization to benefit sick children. You could say the actor has a big heart where kids are concerned.

Additionally, Smith doesn’t just connect with people outside of filming, the “Yellowstone” cowboy loves to bring his character of Lloyd to life. He also loves that fans of the show seem to connect with Lloyd and the Dutton family. And the actor has a reason for why he thinks people relate so well to the Taylor Sheridan series.

“It’s real,” Smith simply explains about “Yellowstone‘s” authenticity and why fans love the show. “It’s really happening out there. And I think people can relate to the dysfunctional [Dutton] family, there’s a lot of that in the world. Taylor’s built some really great characters, and it’s easy for actors to get into that character the way he’s built them. Everybody does such a good job. I think it’s just a combination of the writing, and the acting has brought people to [the show].”

Smith can attest to the fact that this is in large part due to Taylor Sheridan’s vision for real, authentic experiences. The writer spoke about this himself in an interview prior to “Yellowstone’s” season four release.

“I strive for authenticity. I strive to show people the world I grew up in,” Sheridan explained in a clip on Twitter. “The jobs in the American west haven’t changed much in the past century. You still do the job the same way. In order to get food on the table it involves a horse, it involves a rider, and it involves your hands.”