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‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Forrie J. Smith Shows Off Gorgeous ‘Commute’ on Horseback in Epic Photos

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“Nothing like a days work and feeling good!” says Yellowstone‘s own Lloyd Pierce, Forrie J. Smith, as he photographs his ranch “commute.”

Get a glimpse into Forrie J. Smith‘s Red Mountain Ranch “office” with these New Mexico snaps of the real-life cowboy hard at work.

“Commuting to work …..my office in Red Mountain Ranch in NM!” the Yellowstone star posts to his official Instagram. For Smith, there’s “Nothing like a days work and feeling good,” a Lloyd-esque sentiment if we’ve ever heard one. Well, Lloyd on a good day, that is. The ever-rodeoing, real-life Forrie is cheerier than his on-screen counterpart, Lloyd, who tends to fill the role of “bunkhouse grandpa” more often than he’d like.

We wouldn’t blame him for a second for being less-than, however. Ranching is hard, back-breaking work. But as John Dutton says, “it’s one hell of a life.”

Forrie J. Smith has been living that life since birth. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Indeed, Smith has been ranching since he could walk. If picture-taking devices were as common then as they are now, there’d be just as many shots of a tiny Forrie doing exactly what he still does to this day. And that iconic John Dutton line above? Smith’s own grandfather gave him the same life lesson in his youth.

‘Yellowstone’ Embodies the Life of Forrie J. Smith

Much the same as John Dutton did for Tate, his only grandson, Forrie’s “granddad” laid out the whys and hows of the importance of ranching and farming in America.

“My granddad was whining and about the cow prices and how he wasn’t going to make any money, and I would ask, ‘Granddad, why are we doing it?’,” Forrie offers in an interview for RodeoNews.

“He looked at me said, ‘Son, we’re helping feed our country. We’re helping feed America. We’re Americans’.”

Smith was raised in these ideals, and in the grueling work it takes to make them a reality. Born in Helena, Montana in 1959, he would grow up on his grandparent’s ranch.

“I went to grade school at Montana City. There were 13 kids in 8 grades,” Smith continues for the rodeo trade. “I fed cows with a team and sleigh when it was 50 below and it was 106 in August when I was setting posts.”

As a reward, he would watch local rodeos with his parents. By the time he was 8, he’d be out there competing for himself.

“I was on my second pair of chaps already… I wore one out riding at home,” the Yellowstone star recalls. “My granddad rodeoed when they circled the cars and snubbed the horses… I was drawn to it. I’m known as a horseman. I’ve started a lot of warmbloods for the equestrian people.”

Yet nothing sums up the life of Forrie J. Smith quite like the following.

“I’ve been on 17 horses in one day and 11 head of bulls in one day,” he says. “Everything good in my life was because of rodeo.”

And that includes Yellowstone.