‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Heads to California Cowboy Hall of Fame in Style: PHOTOS

by Jonathan Howard

When you are heading to the California Cowboy Hall of Fame, you do it in style. Yellowstone star Forrie J. Smith made the most of his trip. Once he got into Sacramento Airport, it was a nice ride over to Oakdale, California.

If there is a cowboy event, there is a good chance that Smith is going to show up. He is the definition of a cowboy. Even off-screen and away from the Dutton ranch, he is a cowboy through and through. He took the time to snap a picture of the helicopter and get a pic of the folks getting him to his destination safely. Check it out below.

As Lloyd Pierce, senior ranch hand, Smith has an important role on the show. However, he takes other aspects of his life seriously as well. That includes going to events like the one at the California Cowboy Hall of Fame, as well as other work he does. The Yellowstone star is about as convincing off-camera as he is on, and that is saying something.

Over the seasons on the show, Lloyd Pierce has done a lot to protect the ranch. He acts as a mentor to the younger ranch hands and does a lot of things that are likely not in his official job description. While he is an “old man” on the ranch, he handles himself just fine. He’s taken on mean bikers and dealt with a lot of other problems.

Oakdale, California is often considered the cowboy capital of the world. There are all kinds of cowboy attractions and venues that one can visit. Surely, the Yellowstone star will feel right at home while he is in Oakdale.

‘Yellowstone’ Start Forrie J. Smith Visits Injured Firefighters

One of the common themes on Yellowstone in some ways is community. Take care of those around you and make sure they are taken care of. That is how the Dutton family has survived and they will need that more as the series goes on. For Forrie J. Smith, a real deal cowboy, those lessons are applied in real life.

So, that’s why the actor took the time to visit injured firefighters in Dallas, Texas. The first responders were injured on September 30 in an explosion. It looked like a good time and there was even some whiskey given out. He made a post on Instagram and explained his visit.

One thing is for sure, Smith knows how to give back. The Yellowstone star is never shy and is always willing to lend a hand. With a new season coming up, there will likely be more from Smith in the coming days.