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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith and Horse Wrangler Mark Warrack Have Been Friends for Over 3 Decades

by Chris Haney
(via Paramount Press Center)

Earlier this afternoon, the official Yellowstone Twitter account introduced fans to Mark Warrack who wrangles John Dutton actor Kevin Costner‘s two horses on the hit series. Additionally, Warrack shares a longstanding connection to one of the show’s stars Forrie J. Smith.

Yellowstone recently took the time to introduce one of the crew members of the popular Paramount Network show. Horse wrangler Mark Warrack has been with the series for the last two years. In fact, he helped fit Hollywood icon Kevin Costner with the two horses he rides on the show. Warrack is always around to make sure Costner’s horses, Angel and Leroy, are ready to ride. They’re both rope, ranch, and movie horses, according to Warrack who says the John Dutton actor handpicked the duo.

Even though Warrack has only been with the Yellowstone crew for a couple of years, his relationship to Smith dates back more than three decades. Smith isn’t just an actor, he’s a real cowboy who grew up around the rodeo circuit. He’s as authentic as they come, and that’s why he knows Warrack from their younger riding days working stunts together in Montana.

“I’m Forrie J. Smith, y’all know me as Lloyd. Me and Mark go back clear to young riders,” the Yellowstone star said with his arm around Warrack. “’89 we were doing stunts together, and I’m so proud to be working with him. Thank you, Mark, for what you do, partner.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Opens Up About the Explosive Scene Everyone’s Been Talking About Recently

Of course, Yellowstone fans know Lloyd’s most recent issues on the show well. During Season 4, Episode 4, Lloyd and Walker’s contentious relationship finally boils over and comes to blows. And as everyone who watches regularly realized, it broke Rip Wheeler’s one rule around the Dutton Ranch – no fighting. Further, Rip insists that if you’re going to fight, you fight him.

Following Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) and Walker’s (Ryan Bingham) tussle, Rip laid into his old friend and continued to make an example of him in Sunday’s episode as well. He forced Lloyd to break the last three horses available and has essentially been the low man on the totem pole since the brawl. While not all fans agree with Rip’s treatment of the veteran ranch hand, it sets the tone for the rest of the bunkhouse. If Lloyd can get away with breaking the rules, why can’t everyone else?

The ongoing storyline has had fans talking nonstop since it aired. Even the cast was shocked by the incident. Actor Jefferson White who plays Jimmy said he “couldn’t believe it” when he read the script and found out about the explosive moment.

Smith himself briefly opened up about the Yellowstone moment that had every fan talking recently. He shared his behind-the-scenes take on the brawl, and admitted he didn’t want to physically fight his co-star.

“I really had no anger towards Ryan Bingham. I love the guy, and there were times when I had to imagine him as someone else to be able to put that anger towards him,” Smith explained.