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‘Yellowstone’: How Forrie J. Smith and Kevin Costner Feel About Lloyd, Walker and Laramie’s Love Triangle

by John Jamison
Paramount Press Room

In today’s installment of Yellowstone: Behind the Story, Lloyd actor Forrie J. Smith and Kevin Costner discussed the complications stemming from Laramie’s (Hassie Harrison) presence in and around the bunkhouse. Just as John Dutton and Rip Wheeler thought, throwing a woman into the bunkhouse mix (besides mean ones like Teeter, of course) has created a whole host of problems.

What’s Rip’s number one rule, Outsiders? No fighting at the Yellowstone. If you must fight, you go ahead and fight him. Well, Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) should know better after all these years, but he earned himself a proper beating after his frustration with Walker (Ryan Bingham) finally came to a head during Sunday night’s fourth episode.

And as you might imagine, it didn’t come at the hands of Walker. No, we got shades of foreman Rip in all his glory as he laid down the law for the entire bunkhouse to see. So why did all of this happen in the first place? It boils down to another broken rule—no women in the bunkhouse.

“It’s not about the woman,” said Forrie J. Smith. “She want to go from my bed to his bed, that’s fine. That wasn’t a big deal. But it’s the way he handled it.”

It’s a tale as old as time. A man and woman get together. Another man or woman comes along. And boom. You’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. In this case, Lloyd feels a bit resentful of Walker for how he’s handled Laramie’s shifting affection.

“John has predicted this kind of thing would happen with women in the bunkhouse, and it didn’t work out,” said Kevin Costner.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Praised the Stunt Team

So Lloyd’s frustrations finally boiled over when Walker gave him an opportunity. The two fought and didn’t hold much back. But it didn’t take long for the rest of the bunkhouse to intervene. In fact, Hassie Harrison’s Laramie herself connected on a left hook to Lloyd’s face.

While fistfights are relatively tame compared to the grand stunt sequences we’ve seen in Yellowstone, the bunkhouse crew appreciates the effort their stunt people and coordinators put into scenes like the domestic spat between Lloyd and Walker.

“We have such an incredible stunt team,” Hassie Harrison said during the most recent episode of Yellowstone: Behind the Story. “The Brand X guys and Jason Rodriguez and Jordan Warrack, they’re such talented dudes. They put together really cool fight scenes for us. I love coordinating all that stuff. It was pretty awesome that Laramie got to get a punch or two in there.”

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