‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Poses With Costars Jen Landon and Jefferson White at Nashville Convention

by Lauren Boisvert

Forrie J. Smith, who portrays Lloyd on “Yellowstone,” recently joined two of his costars at the Tractor Supply Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Smith posted a photo on Instagram of himself with Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy, and Jen Landon, who plays Teeter. Could be that the costars are taking a break from filming “Yellowstone” season 5. It seems like they were guests of the Tractor Supply Co. trade show, and they look right at home.

In the photo, the trio looks dressed to the nines; Smith wears a blue flannel and denim jacket with a big, shiny belt buckle, possibly from his rodeo days. He finishes the look with a bolo tie and cowboy hat. Jen Landon is decked out in a yellow and white floral cowboy shirt with her signature Teeter-pink hair under a straw cowboy hat. Jefferson White, for his part, looks casual as you please in a t-shirt and denim jacket.

“I love these two,” Smith captioned his photo. “Jefferson White (Jimmy) and Jennifer Landon (Teeter)! We are at the Tractor Supply convention in Nashville!”

The cast and crew is currently filming “Yellowstone” season 5 in Montana. They’re giving fans behind-the-scenes looks at things like the Dutton Ranch helicopter, a beautiful Montana sunset, and the first few episode titles via social media. One thing’s for sure: we’re certainly not complaining about all the sneak peeks and fun cast moments we’re getting so far.

Why Isn’t ‘Yellowstone’ Getting the Award Recognition it Deserves?

We think “Yellowstone” deserves some award show love, and so does the cast. Kelly Reilly believes they work hard enough to earn some awards, and Kevin Costner just hopes their work isn’t “disposable.” Which, far from it. But, why isn’t this series getting nominated for any Emmy Awards?

The Television Academy has once again snubbed “Yellowstone.” Four years in a row, and the series has been nominated once for production design on a single episode. With all the work the cast and crew puts in, they should be raking in the awards. But, they keep getting forgotten. Why is that?

It’s possible the Emmy voters just don’t have time to sit through four seasons of “Yellowstone.” They have so many other shows to watch, newer and more recent shows, that it’s possible “Yellowstone” slipped through the cracks. It’s also possible that the voters watched season 1 when it came out, and decided it just wasn’t for them. And now, four years later, no one is paying attention to it because they snubbed it in its first season.

There are many reasons why the Television Academy could be ignoring “Yellowstone.” The bottom line is, we just don’t know why. We don’t know what the voters are thinking when it comes time to cast their ballots. And we may never know. All we can do, is hold “Yellowstone” in our hearts, and remind ourselves that we know it’s good. An Emmy Award would be nice, but at the end of the day, the fans are the ones who matter most.