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‘Yellowstone’: Forrie J. Smith and Ryan Bingham Open Up About Filming Fight Scene

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“It’s a cowboy thing,” says lifelong rancher Forrie J. Smith, who Yellowstone fans know and love as Lloyd Pierce. Be warned, major spoilers are ahead.

Life has become far more complicated for Lloyd in Season 4. Life was good for the veteran rancher in Season 3. He happened to rope himself the romantic interest of a barrel racer far his junior, and the two had quite the run. Any Yellowstone fan will agree that Hassie Harrison’s Laramie is quite the catch, too. Or she was, right up until she switched from Lloyd’s bunk to Walker’s without so much as a thought for how much it would hurt Lloyd.

Now Yellowstone Season 4 is dealing with the ramifications of this throughout. The Yellowstone crew already has enough reasons to hate Ryan Bingham’s Walker. But none compare to Lloyd at this point. He’s chomping at the bit to kill the cowboy in every episode. They’ve already had it out once, but nothing would prepare audiences for the Season 4, Episode 6 scene that saw Lloyd throw his knife directly into Walker’s chest.

Forrie J. Smith Talks Reality of ‘Yellowstone’s ‘Cowboy Justice’

For the show’s latest “Behind the Story,” Forrie J. Smith, Bingham, and their fellow Yellowstone ranchers chat up the episode’s intense focus on this rivalry. It all gets resolved “cowboy style,” which, as Smith reveals, is very much in line with the reality of cowboying (alongside much of the show).

“Before the issue gets out of hand and someone gets killed, the way to handle the issue is to always go into the arena and fight it out,” says Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser.

“It’s a cowboy thing,” Smith adds. “It keeps things level.”

“You just gotta get in the ring, you know? A little blood and dust and it damn sure gets sorted out,” Walker’s Ryan Bingham smiles.

“I wasn’t even really seeing Ryan Bingham,” Smith admits. “I was seeing Walker. We’re both professional enough at our jobs that we know that this is Walker and Lloyd… Then we go outside and it’s Forrie and Ryan,” he says of their character’s intense rivalry.

Ryan Bingham Brought His A-Game to Face Off with Forrie J. Smith

Fortunately for the actors, a lot of the rougher tumbles of the fight had to be handed over to stunt doubles.

“Any time you’ve got to have just that level of energy both mentally and physically, it definitely makes for long days,” Bingham adds before praising the stunt team. “We had plenty of help and it was coordinated very well.”

“These guys are professionals, and they’re also up on top of it,” Smith echoes. He’d know, too, as the cowboy has seen this life play out both in that role and as a longtime Hollywood stuntman, as well.

We’ll find out how this rivalry finally ends come the rest of Yellowstone Season 4 on Paramount Network.