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‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith Shares Pic For Fans Dealing With ‘Yellowstone Withdrawals’

by Chris Haney
(via Paramount Press Center)

On Sunday evening, Yellowstone star Forrie J. Smith shared a photo to Instagram and asked fans if they’re having withdrawals from the show since Season 4 concluded.

Yellowstone fans have a huge void to fill in their Sunday night television viewing these days. The explosive Season 4 finale aired two weeks ago to the day, so it’s been a struggle ever since for fans of the hit Paramount series. And sadly, we’ll have to wait months for Season 5 to return, according to executive producer David Glasser.

Recently, Glasser revealed that production for the next season should resume in May. Glasser added that he expects Season 5 to air sometime in the fall on the Paramount Network. So we’ve got months to kill before we continue the story of the Dutton family and their prized ranch.

Forrie J. Smith, who portrays Lloyd the veteran ranch hand, checked in with his fans on Sunday. He asked what everyone’s doing tonight since there’s no new Yellowstone episodes to watch. Smith then asked if everyone’s having Yellowstone withdrawals, which we all know we are. Additionally, the Lloyd actor posted a pic of himself from the set. In fact, his co-star Jefferson White (Jimmy) snapped the photo of his friend and fellow actor.

“Hey all, watcha doing tonite….Yellowstone withdrawals?? Photo credit: Jefferson White (Jimmy in YS),” Smith asked his fans on Instagram.

“Can’t wait for season 5!!” a Yellowstone fan wrote in the comment section. “Yes. Definitely having those Yellowstone withdrawals. Can’t wait for season 5!!” another fan shared.

“The withdrawals are REAL Forrie!” a third fan said.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Shares How Much He and His Character Learned From Forrie J. Smith

During a recent episode of “The Official Yellowstone Podcast,” Forrie J. Smith joined his co-star and friend Jefferson White who hosts the podcast. The pair spoke at length about the wildly popular series, and also touched on their own relationship.

In Season 1, Lloyd looked out for Jimmy when he first arrived at the Dutton Ranch. Jimmy has never had it easy and even got bullied by other ranch hands when he first joined the bunkhouse.

“A relationship that, for me, has been incredibly informative and instructional and nourishing is the relationship between Lloyd and Jimmy,” White shared. “Because from day one, I, Jeff, have been looking to you, Forrie, for leadership, for mastery. I’ve been asking you questions. You’ve been teaching me how to ride, how to live in Montana, how to survive in the bunkhouse, all of this.”

“I’ve been learning lessons from you since day one of Yellowstone. And Jimmy has also been learning lessons from Lloyd since day one of Yellowstone, you know. Lloyd has been in a lot of ways a sort of father figure to Jimmy,” White added.

“You know, I think everybody kind of needs that,” Smith replied. “And Lloyd is – evidently it’ll come out in Season 4, people – I was that way with Rip.”

“You’re kind of the next Rip,” Smith continued. “And I see the heart and the determination in you. You know, you could’ve not shown up but you did, you showed up.”