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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith’s ‘Social Media Guru’ Reveals How She Manages Everyone’s Favorite Bunkhouse Member’s Busy Schedule

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Thanks to his role in “Yellowstone,” Forrie J. Smith isn’t just another hardworking cowboy. He is now a television star with a social media following. He is also a very busy man.

Helping him keep up with his social media presence is a friend he has known for some time. This friend made his social media followers aware of the work she has helped the Dutton Bunkhouse member with over the years.

“So I, (Camille InthePines) met the one and only Forrie J. Smith in 2013 and 6 years later became his social media guru,” Camille shared on the cowboy’s Instagram page on Wednesday, Oct. 6.

The so-called “social media guru” also shared details about her relationship with the “Yellowstone” star and his busy schedule.

“I doubt there is a week that we dont (sic) talk at least 3 times to catch up on his never ending (sic) promos, fundraisers, special appearances, his videos, his sked’s and staying in contact with  #ParamountNetwork about @YellowstoneTV and more!” the post on Forrie J. Smith’s Instagram also read.

‘Social Media Guru’ for Forrie J. Smith Said She Is Thankful for Fans of ‘Yellowstone’

Based on what she shared on social media, Camille is very happy to have Forrie J. Smith in her life.

“It has been a fun ride and I certainly love Forrie, a true #cowboy and this gig! #TeamForrie,” she also shared.

She also expressed her appreciation to the fans of Smith and of “Yellowstone.”

“Thank you to all the ‘Yellowstone’ fan groups that help contribute to make my job easier too. God Bless you all real good. …” Camille posted.

In addition to her comments about her friendship with Forrie J. Smith, Camille also shared three photos of the “Yellowstone” star. One of the photos shows Smith kissing the hand of a woman in a cowboy hat. This woman is probably Camille, however, the post does not verify this.

The other two photos show Smith with other friends. In one of these photos, he is rocking an amazing cowboy hat and belt buckle. I the other, he has a bandage on his face. You can check out the photos of the “Yellowstone” star below.

A recent post to Forrie J. Smith Instagram’s account is one of the sweetest things you will see today. Whether Camille was behind it or not, it will warm your heart.

In this post, the “Yellowstone” star showcased a gift he received from his granddaughter. The gift was a letter the youngster shared with the cowboy. “Tulips for a terrific grandparent. Papa Forrie is terrific because he is nice and kind and I love riding with him. He’s just the best,” the adorable letter said.