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‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Sends Emotional Message with New Episode Photo

by Evan Reier
Michael Tran/WireImage

Yellowstone star Gil Birmingham is getting fans excited for this Sunday’s episode with his latest photo and message on social media.

The man behind Thomas Rainwater took to Twitter on Saturday to share a shot from Yellowstone.

“Mother heals: a boy endures what most men can’t,” Birmingham captioned, while also adding hashtags. “#YellowstoneTV#LetsGoToWork#TeamRip#WhoShotJD#JohnDutton.”

Season 4 of Yellowstone is in full swing and while the relationship between the Duttons and the Broken Rock Tribe hasn’t been at the forefront, it’s clear that things are simmering. In fact, a recent quote from Rainwater might best describe that things are definitely not over.

Rainwater and John Dutton’s Chess Match Isn’t Over

In the same vein of the tweet above, there’s a little bit of an ominous vibe in a recent Yellowstone tweet. As we mentioned, the chess match between John Dutton and Thomas Rainwater is only on hold.

When the show references the key quote from Season 4’s return, you know its real. In the meantime, the Dutton family has to deal with Market Equities and all the other adversaries that continue to pose problems.

Will Rainwater hold true to his claim that he’s supporting the Duttons during this trial? So far, that appears to be a yes. But one can’t help but think about how the Duttons, despite having recovered from the assassination attempts, are still frazzled from the event.

They’re back on their feet, but it’s clear the battle on Yellowstone is just beginning.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Says Rainwater Has ‘Inside Info’

Part of why you have to worry about Rainwater and his moves is that he is clearly tuned in to everything Dutton. Back before Season 4 premiered, Gil Birmingham said Rainwater had inside info on the attacks on the Dutton family.

“He has some inside info that he may or may not use,” Birmingham teased to TV Insider.

But by that same statement, Birmingham’s other key quote from the interview explains why the tribe chief hasn’t tried to screw over the Duttons. Rainwater also has to deal with Caroline Warner, the newest adversary on the show.

“What a dynamo she is. It was lovely to work with [Jackie Weaver,]” Birmingham said. “Right off the bat, we’re head-to-head contention. She’s trying to lure me in, as all developers do. That’s very accurate for present day as well: people trying to define some kind of advantage or angle to be able to use native people to get a foot in or some kind of benefit or leverage. … Caroline’s got an agenda of her own, so does Rainwater. It’s a game of poker, and we’ll see who blinks.”