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‘Yellowstone’s Gil Birmingham Opens Up About His Long Relationship With Taylor Sheridan

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Paramount Network Press)

“Yellowstone” star Gil Birmingham definitely has a solid working relationship with show creator Taylor Sheridan. The two have worked together on a handful of films in the past. Now they collaborate on “Yellowstone,” with Birmingham starring as Chief Thomas Rainwater. Birmingham recently opened up about his relationship with Sheridan, and the projects they’ve worked on together.

According to Birmingham, in an interview with The Playlist, he heard about “Yellowstone” before almost anyone else. It all comes down to that relationship. “[Taylor Sheridan] mentioned ‘Yellowstone’ back in 2016 when we were filming ‘Hell or High Water,” said Birmingham. “And he said, ‘I’ve got this television show that I’ve written and I’ve written a part for you.’ And at that point, I just thought he was an incredible writer and I said, ‘I’m spoiled with your writing – if you’ve got a series and you want me in it, I’m there.”

Taylor Sheridan Gave Gil Birmingham First Dibs On ‘Yellowstone’

And so, Thomas Rainwater came to life, as easy as that. Birmingham also worked on “Wind River” with Sheridan in 2017, where he played Martin, friend of Jeremy Renner’s Cory Lambert. Additionally, Gil Birmingham is one of the great champions of Native American representation in media. He takes care in how film and TV portray his culture.

“I’m just so excited that we’ve gotten to a place that we haven’t been in since like, ‘Dances with Wolves,’” Birmingham told The Playlist. “A respectful portrayal of the Native American community and, more importantly, that it’s contemporary. You’d be shocked to know that the majority of people think that Native Americans don’t exist. So to be able to tell their own stories as the writers and the producers and directors – it gives it a level of inherent experience that no other writer or artist could bring to it […] People are really coming to appreciate and be exposed to a real authentic portrayal of the Native community.”

Gil Birmingham Hints At Rainwater’s Downfall in Season 5

Gil Birmingham previously shared how John Dutton becoming governor of Montana has “rattled” him. Rainwater stated that he doesn’t see how that’s a good thing for the Broken Rock Tribe. It ultimately shook him. But will that be Rainwater’s downfall?

Previously, Rainwater and John Dutton allied themselves against Market Equities and other common enemies. Now, though, John has the ultimate power in Montana. We’re not sure how his partnership with Rainwater is going to play out. “There are promises Rainwater’s made to the reservation,” Birmingham discussed with TV Line in November, “and those things are gonna fall apart, which will make him vulnerable. We’ll have some internal conflict as a result of that.”

Rainwater definitely has to worry about Governor Dutton now. But, he equally has to worry about Market Equities raining fire and brimstone down on him. “That was always the risk,” said Birmingham. “It’s very appealing to think that [Rainwater] could accelerate his own objective with raising revenue…to be able to acquire the land faster and get the road further.”