‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Previews What Could Be Rainwater’s Downfall

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Season five of Yellowstone is shaping up to be the most intense of the series. As such, fans are anxious to see whether John Dutton’s governorship saves the ranch or signifies the family’s ultimate downfall. However, aside from the Dutton family’s fate, we’re also wondering about Chairman Thomas Rainwater and the Broken Rock Reservation’s fate.

Days before the premiere airs, Rainwater actor and Yellowstone star Gil Birmingham teased what could be his character’s downfall.

During a previous interview, the Yellowstone actor revealed that his character, with John Dutton as governor, has become “more rattled.” Given his usual self-assuredness, we’re interested to see exactly how.

Ahead of the season premiere, Gil Birmingham also shared that John Dutton’s new role in politics “[is] very ambiguous.” More than anything, “it’s kind of the deconstruction of some alliances and plans that had already been set in place in Season 4.”

TVLine reminds us that Rainwater and John Dutton have allied themselves with one another as often as they’ve come to blows. And that makes them the definition of “frenemies.” Now though, with John’s desperation to save the ranch peaking, we can’t be sure how the pair’s relationship will dissolve. We do know though that Rainwater will no longer be able to keep the promises he’s made to his tribe. And it’s that fact that could see the strong-willed character ousted from his position.

‘Yellowstone’s Tribal Chairman Will Face Conflict Within His Tribe

As governor, John Dutton can keep any kind of structural or commercial development from taking place on his land. And given that fact, Gil Birmingham says it’s going to disappoint a lot of hopeful tribesmen and women.

“I know it’s going to disappoint the tribe,” the Yellowstone star explained. Above all else, “there are 300 jobs that are going to be lost.”

But that’s just the beginning. He also pointed out, “There are promises Rainwater’s made to the reservation, and those things are gonna fall apart, which will make him vulnerable. We’ll have some internal conflict as a result of that.”

All things considered, John definitely creates an obstacle for Rainwater’s plans for the Broken Rock Reservation. However, he’s not the only adversary standing in his way. With John at the helm of Montana politics, Rainwater also faces trouble from Market Equities after, essentially, making “a deal with the devil.”

The Yellowstone actor further pointed out during the recent interview, “That was always the risk. It’s very appealing to think that [Rainwater] could accelerate his own objective with raising revenue…to be able to acquire the land faster and get the road further.”

While Rainwater and John Dutton are two drastically different characters, they’re alike in that they’re willing to take whatever risks necessary to achieve their usually incredibly lofty goals.