‘Yellowstone’: Gil Birmingham Teases ‘Poker Game’ Between Rainwater and Newcomer Caroline Warner

by Evan Reier

When it comes to Yellowstone season 4, there are almost too many storylines to be excited about, although we’re not complaining.

One that has been introduced more recently than others is Caroline Warner. The CEO of Market Equities is portrayed by Jacki Weaver, and appears to be a vicious newcomer. What little we’ve seen has shown her biting nature, and she’s clearly not to be messed with.

And now, a new TV Insider interview with actor Gil Birmingham tells us who her No. 1 adversary will be. Thomas Rainwater and Warner will be at odds, and Birmingham makes it sound thrilling.

“What a dynamo she is. It was lovely to work with her,” Birmingham says. “Right off the bat, we’re head-to-head contention. She’s trying to lure me in, as all developers do.”

And from what we’ve seen, it’s clear that her approach isn’t overly diplomatic. Her quick wit and malicious demeanor leaves no question about that.

Birmingham also drew a parallel to real life with how Warner and Dancewater will face off.

“That’s very accurate for present day as well: people trying to define some kind of advantage or angle to be able to use native people to get a foot in or some kind of benefit or leverage.”

Similar to the land battles we’ve seen, this is already set up for backstabbing, deceit and violence. Of course, that’s everything that makes Yellowstone great.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Reveals More Details

Before we get to some of his other comments, let’s not forget that Rainwater has his own tricks and strengths.

Birmingham thinks so too. Rainwater isn’t going to be scared off by someone like Warner, and the actor is convinced he’ll be ready for the challenge.

“Caroline’s got an agenda of her own,” Birmingham said. “So does Rainwater. It’s a game of poker, and we’ll see who blinks.”

And while he’s dealing with Warner, Rainwater also apparently has a scoop on the attack on the Duttons. Birmingham says Rainwater “has some inside info that he may or may not use.”

Apparently, he is biding his time before he reveals what info he has. Which makes perfect sense. He may be allies with the Duttons, but he also has his own priorities and needs to make the best decision for the tribe. If that means keeping away, so be it.

With all that said, Birmingham even points out a tendency of Taylor Sheridan, the mind behind Yellowstone. While the battle is vicious and there’s no holds barred, these are characters that still have hearts.

Birmingham brought up that “always incorporates compassion of the human being to human being interaction.”