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‘Yellowstone’ is Giving Away 950 Show-Themed Calendars to Fans: Here’s How to Get Yours

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

950 lucky Yellowstone fans will receive this gorgeous show-themed calendar for free, and we’ve got all the details for you right here on Outsider.com!

Are you a U.S. resident over the age of 21? Then strap those boots and head on over to FindingYellowstone to claim your very own Yellowstone 2022 calendar! Via the show’s official Twitter, Yellowstone has 950 calendars to give away, “first come first served.”

Their Sunday post shows off a preview of the calendar, which features a few head of Dutton horses and Montana’s snow-kissed mountains in the background.

Ready to claim your calendar for free, Yellowstone fans? Here’s what you need to do:

First, head on over to FindingYellowstone.com by clicking here. You’ll need to enter your:

First Name
Last Name
Mailing Address separated by commas

And then confirm you are 21, a U.S. Citizen, and okay receiving marketing emails from Yellowstone. If you do so correctly, then you’ll see the following message pop up:

Your info has successfully been submitted and a calendar should be on its way to you shortly!

It’s as easy as that!

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Jumping at the Chance to Get a Free Show Calendar

Some fans on Twitter, however, aren’t having success with the calendar giveaway so far. But from what we can tell, it all boils down to operator error.

“Filled it out and it never asked for a city or state..but said it was on its way..?” replies Yellowstone fan B.J.

Yet B.J. looks to have not filled her address in correctly. Unlike most online forms, there is only one text entry bar for your entire address. To enter your address correctly, list out the street address, city, state, then zip code, all separated by commas (like this previous sentence).

Fellow fan Sunny Parker explains she went through the same, citing: “After reading your tweet, I realized I did the same thing. I went back to look at the form. We’re supposed to fill out our entire mailing address on that one line! (Usually the city, state and zip code are on a separate line).”

Meanwhile, Yellowstone fan Derek is assuming “these calendars are left from the trivia contest. Have the winners ever been announced? I got an email that I had one and filled out the form, but haven’t heard anything since.”

Derek may be onto something, as FindingYellowstone was originally used for the show’s scavenger hunt contest. For the contest, Yellowstone hid clues around the U.S., and fans were to find them, then report on them at the website. In the time since wrapping the contest, however, we have yet to hear of any official winners.

Hopefully these calendars are handled more directly and they’ll be on their way to Yellowstone fans soon. In the meantime, Yellowstone Season 4 continues every Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern on Paramount Network.