‘Yellowstone’ Goes ‘All In’ on Its Upcoming Premiere with New Teaser

by Leanne Stahulak

Only one more week, Outsiders, until the long-awaited premiere of “Yellowstone” Season 4. Fans can’t wait to see their favorite ranchers in action again.

The show’s been promoting the upcoming season on social media ever since they announced the Nov. 7 premiere date. And not only will Season 4 premiere next weekend but it will also kick off with a two-hour episode. That’s at least what the fans deserve after waiting a year and a half between that explosive Season 3 finale and now.

To pump people up for the premiere episode, the official “Yellowstone” Instagram account posted a thrilling photo of everyone’s favorite ranchhand, Ryan (Ian Bohen). He looks as serious as we’ve ever seen him in the black and white image. The words hanging over his head only hammer home how intense this upcoming season should be.

“I already made my decision. I’m all in,” the text over the photo reads. Anyone else got chills? That scene was killer during the third season, and we can’t wait to see how Ryan comes out of the gate swinging in Season 4.

“ONE. WEEK. Don’t miss the #YellowstoneTV season 4 two-hour premiere event,” the caption on the post reads.

“Yellowstone” fans later took to the comments to share their excitement over the upcoming episodes.

“Two hours makes up for all the time I had to wait. I forgive you guys. #cantwait,” one fan said.

“I have been all in!! Let’s do this!! As Rip said: Light ’em up!!!” a different person wrote.

One hilarious parent drove home just how serious they’re taking their episode watching next Sunday. “I’ve already warned my kids not to speak to me, not to bother me, not to look at me for two hours next Sunday.”

And this fan summed up how we’re all going to be feeling seven days from now. “It’s going to be a PARTY!!!!!”

‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates ‘Bunkhouse Boys’ in Recent Tweet

Earlier this week, the official “Yellowstone” Twitter account posted an amazing tribute to all of our favorite ranchhands who live in the bunkhouse.

The video follows the show’s thread of “Life According To…” videos from earlier. Only this time, it focuses on life from the perspective of the bunkhouse culture as a whole. The clip is chock-full of the cowboys’ most iconic moments, from Jimmy throwing his hat in his bed to Teeter flirting with Colby, to the cowboys getting into a fight at the bar.

The clip hilariously ends with Kayce Dutton throwing his hat on the bed as all the cowboys protest. He gives them a look, then says, “I don’t believe in that shit.” Not a superstitious one, Kayce Dutton.

“Bunkhouse for life. #BunkhouseBoys#YellowstoneTV,” the post’s caption reads.