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‘Yellowstone’s Gov. Perry Actress Wendy Moniz Debuts New Look: PHOTO

by Jonathan Howard

This season we’re going to get more of Wendy Moniz on Yellowstone. And, it looks like the Governor Perry actress has a new look. With production underway for Season 5 and a premiere date set for November 13, fans are looking for all the posts, hints, and things to make them even more excited about what’s to come. Moniz will be a regular in the new season, so expect a heavy dose of politics.

Fans were very excited to see the Yellowstone actress’ new hairstyle. She’s got a shoulder-length cut and has some waves going on. Paired with her single-shoulder dress or top and she looks ready to go out for the night.

Check out the post below.

Moniz is always portraying a strong, and successful woman. Whether she’s playing Governor Perry on Yellowstone or as Judge April Brooks on FBI: Most Wanted – she carries a certain weight with her on-screen. A presence that is welcoming but formidable as well. Not only are we going to get a bigger dose of the Perry and John Dutton relationship, but I also have a feeling we’re going to see some more political dealings in the new season.

So, what has you excited, Outsiders? Are you happy to see Moniz upgraded to a regular in the new season? And, what does that mean for the story that we’re all eagerly awaiting to see later this year? Yellowstone has kept fans on their toes since the beginning. It feels like we’re going to get some more of that in Season 5 with a lot of moving parts starting to unravel.

As the premiere gets closer, more information slowly comes out and that has everyone that loves the show just buzzing.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Episode 1 Title Revealed

Oh, you have to just love Kelly Reilly. She doesn’t just bring one of the best characters in the series to life in each and every episode, she also gives back to the fans. Her latest gift to those that love the show came via her Instagram story. The actress posts things from time to time and with production underway, she decided to share a photo of some of the scripts that she had lying around.

Among the various stacks of paper, Reilly had the script for Episode 1 of Season 5 out. And, it was clear enough to make out what the title for the episode is going to be, Happy day, happy day! “One Hundred Years Is Nothing” sounds like an episode that will kick off an intense season. Yellowstone has Stephen Kay back behind the camera to direct, and that means it’s going to be a serious chapter.

Taylor Sheridan has once again written the story and plans to share it with all of us on November 13th. This season can’t get here soon enough, I know folks at home are dying to see this. Outsiders, Yellowstone Season 5 is like four months away. That’s not too long, now is it?