‘Yellowstone’: Gov. Perry Star Wendy Moniz Celebrates Her Son’s Birthday With Throwback Pics

by TK Sanders

Yellowstone regular Wendy Moniz just celebrated her son Liam’s 18th birthday and she posted a collage of pictures to celebrate. Moniz, who plays Gov. Perry on the hit drama, said that she was “gifted with this beautiful soul 18 years ago today” and wished Liam a happy birthday, complete with party and cake emojis.

Moniz also posted a collage of nine pictures documenting Liam’s life from baby to grown man. The photo collage also shows a few shots of Moniz, 53, evolving from new mom to mother of a new adult. Of course, in typical Hollywood style, she’s hardly aged a day.

Moniz also got another bit of good news recently. Yellowstone producers confirmed that both she and costar Mo Knows Plenty are being bumped from recurring characters to series regulars. The bump comes with more screen time, added credits, and surely more money.

As far as story goes, expect Moniz’s Gov. Perry to spend a lot of her screen time with Kevin Costner’s John Dutton as he pursues politics. Expect Perry to keep a close eye on Dutton; maybe even mentor him in some respects. No doubt the two will share some spicy scenes in season 5.

Before earning a regular role on Yellowstone, Moniz traversed the television landscape for many years

Moniz turned 53 on January 19. Back in 1995 as a fresh-faced 25-year-old actress, she got her first real break as Dinah Marler the on soap opera Guiding Light. There, she played the regular role for nearly four years, which helped her gain some fame in Hollywood circles.

During her time on Guiding Light she divorced her first husband, David Birsner. She would later wed GL co-star, Frank Grillo, and hyphenate her last name. After nearly 20 years of marriage and two sons (including Liam), though, she separated from Grillo.

Savvy television viewers likely recognize Moniz as Laura Moretti from the hit political drama House of Cards. And while Yellowstone takes a more melodramatic swipe at everyday life than House of Cards, the stakes feel eerily similar. Moniz finds herself in the midst of a political scandal and uncomfortable decisions, just like a Washington politician. She also played Elaine McAllister on ABC program Betrayal, as well as Jill Burnham in Damages.

According to Moniz in an interview prior to season 4, the politics of the show actually contribute to Perry and John’s chemistry.

“When you throw in politics, they have a sort of chemistry in general,” she said. “It’s a complicated combination of things that they have on their plate together as a couple. But, I mean, I hope they continue to have their dance the way they’ve been doing it this season because it’s been a lot of fun discovering that chemistry and working with Kevin in that way.”