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‘Yellowstone’ Halloween Costume Ideas

by Jacklyn Krol
(source: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography)

Are you ready to have a Yellowstone Halloween? Be sure to snag some of these items and learn all of their best lines and quotes.

Beth Dutton Costume

If you’re trying to pull off Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton this Halloween, first and foremost you’ll need a fierce attitude and be able to deliver some unforgettable one-liners. As far as a costume, more than anything you want to look for a leopard print fur jacket.

Another classic item that John Dutton’s strong-willed daughter frequently rocks is a brown fedora meets cowboy hat. Finally, to complete your look be sure and grab your favorite bottle of alcohol. (And maybe even try finding yourself a partner-in-crime like Rip Wheeler.)

Rip Wheeler Costume

Aiming to look like Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler? Better know first whether you’re a shark or a minnow. Cause if you don’t know whether you’re a shark or a minnow in this world…you definitely ain’t a shark like Rip Wheeler.

To complete the rugged cowboy’s look, there’s an easy Amazon purchase for this. This Rip-inspired jacket comes in sizes 2XS- 3XL and retails for $54.99.

Furthermore, you can complete your desired costume with a cowboy hat and jeans. Add a pair of working gloves and belt buckle to really add to the character. Points if you can grow a beard.

John Dutton Costume

Feeling confident enough to take on Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone character, John Dutton, for Halloween? You’ll need to be “meaner than evil”… in addition to wearing four essential items.

Firstly, you’ll need a pair of blue jeans. Secondly, pair the jeans with your own belt buckle. Thirdly, you’ll need a large brown brim hat. Finally, finish off your outfit off with an outer jacket.

Additionally, you have two choices when it comes to jackets. Firstly, you could get your very own custom vest.

Numerous stores sell the iconic black vest that reads Yellowstone Dutton Family Ranch. Your second option is to purchase a winter orange and brown jacket that he has been famously been seen in on the Paramount Network series.

All About the Wardrobe

Academy Award-winning costume designer Ruth Carter is the mastermind behind all of the iconic looks from the show. Her task is not simple as she wants to merge the Old West with 21st Century ranch attire. Surprisingly, Carter is responsible for every minute detail of attire on every star and extra on the show. Most of the creations are custom made.

“Every project has its hurdles, and I think our hurdles mainly came from being authentic with outdoor wear, with ranch wear and with tribal customs,” she told Behind The Lens.

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