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‘Yellowstone’ Has ‘No Choice But to Stan’ This ‘Life According to Teeter’ Video

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone is celebrating all things Teeter with their latest Life According to tribute, and it’s one fans won’t want to miss!

“We have no choice but to Stan,” Yellowstone captions their Life According to Teeter featurette. And it’s the truth. Since coming in like the tornado she is, Jen Landon’s Teeter has become an absolute fan-favorite. Yellowstone fans can’t get enough of her over-the-top Southerner, and neither can the show’s production team.

Regardless, it’s hard not to love Teeter on a show like Yellowstone. The Duttons live in a world of few laughs and little levity. What there is of both is amplified tenfold by Teeter’s presence. She brings a hysterically no-holds-barred sense of humor to the proceedings and is unlike any other character on cable’s #1 drama.

Does she look like her name is Peter? Jen Landon brings so much to Yellowstone with her beloved character. Yellowstone season 4 premieres on November 7, 2021, exclusively on Paramount Network.


Or, as Yellowstone fan Pam puts it on Twitter: “I didn’t like Teeter at first... Her accent was wrong and she was so abrasive. But as the season went on, I grew to like her. Jen has done a great job making Teeter lovable. I can’t wait to see how her relationship with Colby progresses this season.”

Count us in for that curiosity, too, Pam. Season 4 is sure to bring a whole lot more action for Teeter. In the main trailer, we see her heading into battle on the Dutton Ranch alongside Colby, Ryan, and the others. As a branded woman, she is part of the wall that keeps the Duttons alive, after all.

‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates Teeter Ahead of Season 4, Fans Go Wild

Ahead of Season 4, we’ve seen quite a few Life According to montages from Paramount. Yet none have inspired a reaction quite like Teeter’s is spurring. The character radiates levity, and so Yellowstone fans are having a heyday responding in kind.

“Damnit can’t wait!! Love Teeter’s character in Yellowstone LOVE ALL OF THEM!” comments M.G on YouTube.

Kurt R. agrees, going as far as to say “Teeter is the greatest character ever!!!”

Madeline W. says “I love her so much!” Adding that she loves Teeter “almost as much as Beth.”

Now there’s a bold statement for a Yellowstone fan! “Love Teeter. Jen Landon captures her completely. Love this character,” adds Cindy B.

It’s YouTuber Mickey J., however, that truly sells the effectiveness of this montage. “K, this clip more than anyone makes me want to watch Yellowstone,” he comments. “Damn, now do I finish the one I am currently watching or just start this one?”

Welcome to the club, sir. Yellowstone Season 4 will return with plenty more Teeter come November 7 on Paramount Network/Paramount+.