‘Yellowstone’ Stars Hassie Harrison and Jen Landon Are Real-Life Cowgirls in New Roping Video

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

Many “Yellowstone” fans know that some of our favorite series stars have experience when it comes to riding and roping. However, after several years of mastering the skill at Taylor Sheridan‘s cowboy camp, actresses Jen Landon and Hassie Harrison are showing off their skills as real-life cowgirls in a brand new roping video. Check it out.

Granted, the bull roping dummy doesn’t exactly provide the same level of excitement that the bulls and broncs do on “Yellowstone.” However, the clips definitely demonstrate the actresses’ talent as cowgirls.

Down in the comments, fans shared their love for “Yellowstone,” Teeter, Laramie, and all things cowgirl.

“I Love Them Both,” one fan commented. “That’s So Awesome.”

Another follower wrote, “Good job cowgirls,” followed by a heart emoji.

Meanwhile, always one to poke fun, Hassie Harrison herself commented, “Honestly shook you didn’t include our video game tournament. That’s where I really shine.”

That might be true, Hassie, but Outsiders love seeing our favorite “Yellowstone” stars roping cows all the same.

Why Jen Landon’s Teeter is a ‘Perfect’ Dutton Family Match

Jen Landon’s character Teeter has contributed a lot of humor, fun, and excitement to “Yellowstone” since joining the cast. Now, in speaking to Teeter, Landon shared the character is a “perfect match” for the Dutton family. Here’s why.

While in conversation with The Gate about her role as Teeter, Landon said, “I literally feel like [the Dutton Ranch is] her perfect match…it’s this very perfect combination where she’s incredibly loyal and she’ll kick the crap out of somebody to protect her.”

Landon’s character immediately demonstrated her loyal nature in the early half of season three. Fiery, quick, and strong-willed, she launched into the biker brawl alongside Ryan and Colby soon after coming to the ranch.

In fact, it might just be Teeter’s loyalty that landed her as a series regular ahead of “Yellowstone’s” fifth season. And with the first half of season five set to debut this summer, we can’t wait to see what lies in store for Teeter and the rest of the crew.

Hassie Harrison On Acting as Her Calling

Jen Landon’s Teeter and Hassie Harrison’s Laramie are both dynamic and strong-willed characters and it’s part of why fans love them so much. Hassie Harrison also joined “Yellowstone” in season three as Laramie, and while she and Teeter could not be more different, she’s also played a crucial part at the Dutton Ranch.

Currently, Hassie Harrison stands at the forefront of the acting industry, her talents on both “Yellowstone” and “Tacoma FD” propelling her there. However, ahead of claiming contemporary fame, the actress shared when she realized she knew acting would become her true calling.

In speaking with Composure Magazine, she said, “My sister and I would always watch movies together, and my imagination would run wild, trying on these different lifestyles and circumstances. ‘Grumpier Old Men’ was one of our favorites when we were little.”

She explained, “Once I realized that these were actors who were paid to do this for a living, my heart was somewhat secretly set on a decision from then on.”