‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison References the ‘Drama’ of Season 4, Episode 4 in New Cowgirl Photo

by John Jamison

Season 4 of Yellowstone has certainly not lacked any drama through its first four episodes. We’ve got a conflicted Jimmy learning what Texas is all about at the 6666. Beth may have found her match in Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner. And the love triangle between Lloyd, Walker, and Laramie finally came to a head.

Laramie actor Hassie Harrison recently shared a photo of herself on horseback. She captioned the Instagram post with some praise for Taylor Sheridan’s pen.

Well, Hassie, we tend to agree. Yellowstone is coming correct with the drama this season. If you missed last night’s fourth episode, now might be a good time for you to check out some of Outsider’s less spoiler-ridden Yellowstone content.

Now that we’re all caught up, how about that absolute beatdown Rip handed Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) in the bunkhouse? We can only imagine this is the situation Hassie Harrison is referencing when she mentions drama. Her character has stirred up some trouble between longtime Yellowstone ranch hand Lloyd and the relative newcomer Walker (Ryan Bingham).

It was only a matter of time before Lloyd blew a gasket. He confided in an uninterested Rip last week, telling the consummate foreman that he didn’t how much more of Walker and Laramie’s fling his pride could take. Now we know. The drama reached its boiling point when Walker offered Lloyd some of Teeter’s questionable slop.

Punches were thrown, with Hassie Harrison’s Laramie even getting into the mix with a strong left hook. The situation got hard to watch when an enraged Rip (Cole Hause) brutally enforced his no-fighting rule. It’s safe to say Lloyd has drunk his fill of bunkhouse drama. But who knows what this means for Laramie.

Hassie Harrison is a Natural Fit for ‘Yellowstone’

If that punch didn’t prove that Hassie Harrison can hold her own with anyone in the bunkhouse, we don’t know what will. The actor behind the barrel racing Laramie on Yellowstone is right at home in the male-dominated setting.

After all, she’s been playing firewoman Lucy McConky on Tacoma FD since 2019. She’s the only female in the firehouse and has taken that in stride. During a 2019 interview for BUILD Series, she talked about fitting right in with the guys.

“It’s awesome! I feel really lucky that all these guys are so cool. There’s a lot of razzing… I get razzed a lot, but I think they might have hired the right girl who can stand her own ground and just have fun!” said Harrison.

That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you Yellowstone-addicted Outsiders. If you find yourself itching for more great Season 4 content, you can’t miss Bunkhouse Breakdown hosted by our very own Wes Blankenship, Jim Casey, and Caroline Bynum.