‘Yellowstone’: Here’s How Much Kelsey Asbille Reportedly Made Per Episode in Season 4

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” star Kelsey Asbille has drawn rave reviews from critics and fans for her work on the hit Paramount Network series.

The veteran actress plays Monica Dutton on “Yellowstone” and stands out in a cast loaded with star power. Monica is the wife of Kayce Dutton and mother to their young child, Tate Dutton. As we learned late in season four, the young family will soon get bigger as Monica reveals to Kayce that she is pregnant.

Whether you love Monica or dislike Monica, every “Yellowstone” fan agrees that Asbille is terrific in the role. A complex character, Monica has strong qualities that many fans can identify with. She is loving and protective of her family and is strong-willed and not afraid to ruffle some feathers when need be. Asbille really embraces her “Yellowstone” role, giving Monica likable and dislikable qualities.

Asbille is one of the many young and rising stars of the “Yellowstone” cast. In season four, she made around $200,000 per episode, according to Cinemablend.com. That puts her on the same level as other cast members Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, and Kelly Reilly. Kevin Costner, the series lead as aging cowboy John Dutton, is the highest-paid actor on the show at roughly $500,000 per episode.

In a 2021 interview, Asbille talks about one of her favorite scenes from the fourth season.

I mean, one of my favorite scenes this season is – I don’t know if this is kind of a spoiler, but – Kayce and Monica having it out,” she says. “For Luke and I, doing that scene was so much fun; just all the things that they wanted to say to each other. I think they both needed that release because they’re still fighting for each other and fighting for this family.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Exapnds Role in Season Four

The fourth “Yellowstone” season was a major roller coaster of emotions for Monica Dutton.

In the season premiere, she is forced to fend off an assault on the Dutton Ranch. After fighting for a gun with one of the attackers, Tate comes to her rescue and shoots the man. The event traumatized Tate and Monica to the point where they refused to come out of their bedroom. Monica and Kayce have it out after she tells him that “Yellowstone” Ranch is evil.

The young family decides to get away from the ranch, relocating to the nearby Native American reservation where Monica is from. The move heals Monica and also puts Tate in better spirits. The family buys a house on the reservation, and it looks like this might be a permanent move.

With a new baby on the way, “Yellowstone” fans believe that Kayce and Monica are looking to settle down somewhere. They could make the reservation their permanent home or they could return to the Dutton Ranch at some point in the future.

We will find out when season five arrives.