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‘Yellowstone’: What the Real Chief Joseph Ranch Looked Like Around Time of ‘1932’ Prequel

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

When it isn’t the backdrop for the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” the Chief Joseph Ranch is still a sight to behold. The Montana cattle ranch has been the filming location for “Yellowstone” since the very first season. It’s seen four season filmed within its gates, with another on the way. The “Yellowstone” cast will return to the Chief Joseph Ranch in May to begin filming the fifth and latest season.

Naturally, as the primary “Yellowstone filming location, the Chief Joseph Ranch has become a popular tourism destination. Visitors shell out a hefty amount to stay in the same lodge that John Dutton and his family call home. Tourism marketing keeps the Chief Joseph Ranch busy on social media as they often share photos and stories through the medium. Yesterday (Wednesday) the ranch shared a way cool “throwback” photo of the grounds in 1935. The photo is just three years away from the next “Yellowstone” prequel “1932” and likely looks very similar to the titular year.

“In honor of the new Yellowstone origin story “1932”, enjoy this throwback picture of the ranch from 1935,” the social media post says.

It is easy to tell from the back and white photo that the Chief Joseph Ranch is well taken care of. The ranch would also have a lot of growing to do before the “Yellowstone” crew comes along. In a testament to the ranch’s popularity as a tourism destination, the post took in more than 7,700 “likes” and nearly 100 comments. Among the “likes” and comments on the post is “Yellowstone” star Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton on the heavily popular show.

“This is so cool!” the young “Yellowstone” star writes in the post’s comments section.

‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1932’ Will Provide Insight on Dutton Family

If there is one thing that “Yellowstone” fans want — it’s even more “Yellowstone” content. The series has already spawn one spinoff in prequel “1883” that also shows viewers how the Dutton family wound up settling in Montana. There are a couple of more spinoffs planned for the near future in “6666” and “1932.”

Fans are also excited to see what “1932” is all about. The prequel series will also likely touch on how one of the biggest cattle ranches in the United States got its start. In a recent interview, “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan talks about what fans can expect from the latest spinoff.

“With ‘Yellowstone,’ I had built out this backstory of where the Dutton family had come from,” Sheridan says. “And with ‘1932,’ I chose that moment in time to peak back in because you’re seeing the children we’ve met in “1883” now attempting to raise another generation of Dutton children. And it comes at a time of the Wild West also becoming a playground for the elite from the east.”