‘Yellowstone’: Here’s Where You Recognize Jamie’s Assistant From

by Leanne Stahulak
Paramount Press Center

Throughout Seasons 3 and 4 of “Yellowstone,” we’ve slowly gotten to see more and more of Jamie’s assistant at the Attorney General’s office.

Although at this point, we still don’t know the woman’s name. We know that she’s played by Maria Julian, but that’s about it. Fans first met Jamie’s assistant in “Yellowstone” Season 3 Episode 7, per Looper. At that time, Julian’s only title was Receptionist. Then, in Season 3 Episode 8, it changed to AG Assistant/Receptionist. And finally, for Season 4, where Julian appeared multiple times, she simply went by “Jamie’s assistant.”

But hopefully, in Season 5, we learn even more about this woman. Especially since she seems to have some kind of understanding with Beth Dutton. Even though Jamie’s made it clear that he doesn’t want his sister in his office, his assistant always seems to let her in. And not give Jamie clear indications that it’s Beth waiting for him. We saw this multiple times throughout “Yellowstone” Season 4.

But where else have we seen Maria Julian? Although “Yellowstone” is her most recent acting credit, Julian also recently starred alongside Dwayne Johnson. She did stuntwork for “Skyscraper,” his 2018 action film. You might also recognize Julian from her roles in “The Night Clerk,” “Dwight in Shining Armor,” and “The Wrong Time.”

Other than those roles, Julian primarily starred in romantic Christmas flicks. She featured in “Shoelaces for Christmas,” “Jingle Belle,” “Cooking with Love,” and “A Christmas Solo.”

How Jamie’s Adoption Could Be Why John Dutton Treats Him Poorly on ‘Yellowstone’

Many “Yellowstone” fans were surprised to hear in Season 3 that Jamie’s actually adopted. He’s not a blood relative of the Duttons, which makes some fans wonder if that’s why John treats Jamie so poorly.

We’ve seen the father and son relationship go up and down many times over the last four seasons. Most of the time, the two seem to be at odds, mostly since Jamie looks out for himself and John looks out for the ranch. But some fans wonder if that animosity stems from Jamie’s adoption.

“Is this why John’s always casting him out of the family?” one “Yellowstone” fan posted on Reddit. “As an adoptive mom, this makes no sense. We adopted my son as a newborn and he is 100% ours – the same as our biological child.”

The fans who weighed in brought up several details that point to it not being quite about Jamie’s adoption. For instance, John’s relationship with all of his kids deteriorated after their mother’s death. At one point, Beth and Kayce were also black sheep in the family.

And another fan pointed out that John hates what he turned Jamie into. Out of all the kids, John picked Jamie to go to Harvard and study law to become the family lawyer. But John hates lawyers and their mentalities. So it was almost inevitable that John would grow to hate Jamie’s new mentality as well.