‘Yellowstone’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Monica Dutton Actress Kelsey Asbille Before

by Thad Mitchell

One of the many cast members of the hit TV series “Yellowstone” to boost their careers in a positive direction is Kelsey Asbille.

On “Yellowstone,” Asbille plays the morally sound but reluctant Monica Dutton and plays her well. Monica is the wife of former Navy Seal Kayce Dutton and mother of young cowboy-in-training, Tate Dutton. A good mother and wife, Monica puts her growing family first. She is also proud of her Native American heritage and often works alongside members of the Broken Rock Tribe. The fourth season saw Monica return to her roots, rejoining the Broken Rock Tribe on the nearby Native American reservation. Monica serves a sort of counter-balance to the Dutton family, often disagreeing with their way of life, including their human branding practices. Monica seems to be at peace as the fourth season ends, happy to be back with her people. She also reveals to Kayce that she is expecting their second child.

Kelsey Asbille is excellent as Monica Dutton, making her one of “Yellowstone’s” most complex characters. Fan opinions are split on Monica as many fans love her while others loathe her. That is a testament to Asbille’s acting prowess as she straddles the line between love and hate from the show’s fan base. “Yellowstone” fans may recognize Asbille from her numerous works before joining the “Yellowstone” cast. She has plenty of big-time credits to her name as a young star on the rise. Some of her notable television roles include “Fargo,” “Teen Wolf” and “One Tree Hill.” She is also no stranger to working with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan, starring in his 2017 film “Wind River.” Her other film credits include “The Amazing Spiderman” and “The Wine of Summer.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Talks Monica Dutton

Asbille continues earning more “Yellowstone” screen time as Monica’s role continues to grow. She began the fourth season by surviving an attack on the ranch but she and Tate are left mortified at what happened. Despite all they have been through, the family sticks together through thick and thin. Asbille talks about the dynamic between Monica and Kayce in a recent interview.

“One of my favorite scenes this season is Kayce and Monica having it out,” she recalls. “For Luke and I, doing that scene was so much fun; just all the things that they wanted to say to each other. I think they both needed that release because they’re still fighting for each other and fighting for this family. Luke and I were both like, ‘Woah, that scene was fun to do, right?'”

The end result is one of the best scenes of the entire fourth season “Yellowstone” and one fans are still talking about.

Asbille will be back for the fifth season of “Yellowstone,” and we may get to see Monica with a baby bump.