‘Yellowstone’: Here’s Which Upcoming Taylor Sheridan Shows Fans Are Most Excited For

by Thad Mitchell

Taylor Sheridan, creator of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” is working on a number of brand new shows.

It seems Sheridan is announcing a brand project every other day without much of a slowdown. The success of “Yellowstone” and its first spinoff “1883” have launched Sheridan’s career into hyper-drive. Though he has many irons in many fires, Sheridan’s top priority is writing the fifth season of “Yellowstone.” which will begin filming in May. He’s taking a step back from the responsibilities, such as showrunning and directing, to focus on the demanding writing aspect.

One thing is for sure and that is fans are excited about what is coming up next for Sheridan. He has two more “Yellowstone” spinoffs in the works with “1932” and “6666” along with a handful of other new projects. “King of Tulsa,” Land Man,” “Bass Reaves” and “Lioness” are among these additional projects. It seems Sheridan has the Midas touch when it comes to producing hit shows. In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans discuss which of Sheridan’s projects they are most looking forward to.

“Which of Taylor Sheridan’s next projects are you most looking forward to,” the thread starter asks.

“Lioness ought to be interesting,” one responder says. “Dramas about the intelligence agencies are normally always interesting.”

“I’m waiting for next week’s drop of coming shows that all go on at the same time to decide,” another says. “I do think Bass Reeves is interesting.”

“First I’m looking forward to the next season of Yellowstone,” another Redditor says. “Then I want to see more of 1883. then I’d like to see 1932. and while all of these are showing, I’ll watch 6666 and Bass Reeves. And finish it off with the Lioness, Land Man and maybe King of Tulsa depending on Stallone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Eagerly Await Taylor Sheridan’s Next Offering

Because of Sheridan’s success with “Yellowstone,” he’s built himself a huge fan base that eagerly awaits whatever comes next. We don’t know which of his many shows is up next but excitement is brewing.

“Definitely King of Tulsa,” another fan says. “One of the main writers from The Sopranos is joining him on that project. I’m also looking forward to Stallone being a mobster on the small screen. He’s never really done TV before and it should be interesting. I hope we get more details on that shortly. I’m also ready for Land Man and Bass Reeves because I’m from Arkansas. Billy Bob Thornton is from here and anything he’s in is worth watching. The real Bass Reeves has a history here as well.”

We will soon find out what’s on deck for Sheridan and his long list of television projects. It is a safe bet that “Yellowstone” fans will be tuning in for his next series.