‘Yellowstone’: Here’s Why the Lowest Rated Season Makes Sense

by Joe Rutland

Yellowstone has been on TV for four seasons. It’s given Kevin Costner time to bring John Dutton and his antics into millions of homes. And people love to see how the Dutton family will get out of trouble all the time. Still, there have been so many storylines and ups and downs. Ratings matter to the actors and creator Taylor Sheridan a whole lot. Why does the lowest-rated season of the series make sense?

What To Know

  • Yellowstone has been on TV for four seasons.
  • Apparently, critics were not too fond of Season 1.
  • They called it too melodramatic, even though Yellowstone is a drama.
  • Season 4 wasn’t too hip for some but it ranked better than the first one.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 1 Ends Up Earning Lowest Rated Season Status

If you think that Season 4 was the lowest one in the ratings’ history of Yellowstone, well then you are wrong. Sure, fans were not pleased with numerous elements of the show. But Season 4 was a hit among those critics. The show’s first season actually was the stinker here. Why? Some who watched that Season 1 said that the show was too melodramatic. But it’s a drama, right? Still, these critics of the show just didn’t dig it.

The numbers for Season 4 was 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Season 4 got a 77 percent viewer rating on the site. Wow. And Season 4 had some serious storylines from the Duttons looking for revenge to John and Summer’s romantic moments. We get more about it from Looper.

See, fans did love Season 1 with an 83 percent score. Critics pooh-poohed Yellowstone with a 53 percent rating. Well, old Taylor Sheridan took some notes and things improved. In Season 2, ratings from critics soared to 88 percent. Oh, they loved Season 3 with a chef’s kiss 100 percent rating.

Taylor Sheridan, John Linson Score Big Points As Show Keeps Rolling

Sheridan and co-creator John Linson hit on a winning formula for Yellowstone that TV viewers wanted to see. This show is a rating superstar and is slowly becoming a cultural icon. You have had four full seasons of power-grabbing, cattle-rustling, shoot-em-up melodrama.

Like we said earlier, it is a drama and a lot of things happen to spice up the stories. Remember, we did get a Beth-Rip marriage in the Season 4 finale. So, how will that work out with Carter hanging around? Also, what will happen between Beth and Jamie next season?

Yellowstone delivers over and over again. A Season 1 stinker in some people’s eyes just set up the table for future seasons. Also, fans have had 1883 to whet their whistle about, too.