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‘Yellowstone’ Is Hiding Elements from the Show in Cities Across the Country For You To Find

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

” Six Landmarks in Six Landmark Locations? Let’s Go to Work!” Get ready to win big, Yellowstone fans! The ultimate scavenger hunt is on before Season 4’s premiere, and you could win a trip to the real-life Dutton Ranch!

Sundays are already heating up before the two-episode premiere for Season 4 on November 7. Today, Yellowstone let U.S. fans know all about their scavenger hunt challenge. Their goal? To bring out the inner explorer in all of us; perfect for us Outsiders!

Here’s the main gist, before we get into the specifics of how you can play for some fantastic Yellowstone prizes yourself below:

“Want to win a trip to the real Dutton Ranch? We’re hiding iconic elements from the show in various cities around the country, and challenging YOU to find them. Visit findingyellowstone.com for all the details, and make sure you’re following here for daily clues.”

Thankfully, there’s “No passports required, but get ready to break out those U.S. geography skills,” Yellowstone says. So how will this scavenger hunt work?

“Six Landmarks will be hidden throughout the U.S. Guess the daily location (don’t worry, there will be hints!) for a chance to win a variety of prizes, with more than 400 winners! The challenge kicks off Monday November 1, and runs through November 6,” Yellowstone cites.

The show has hidden iconic elements from Yellowstone in various cities around the country, and is challenging us fans to find them. If we guess correctly, then we’ll be entered for a chance to win a variety of Yellowstone prizes. The top winner gets a trip to the real-life Dutton Ranch – so get those explorer hats on!

Starting November 1, 2021, the show will release clues on the Yellowstone Twitter page directing fans to the landmark of the day. Once you’ve seen it, here’s how to get things going:

‘Yellowstone’ Scavenger Hunt: How To Play

  1. Click on the map to guess where one of the Yellowstone Landmarks is located at right here
  2. Submit your email address
  3. Keep an eye on your email each day to see if you guessed correctly!
  4. Keep guessing! Come back each day to guess where the next landmark is located. Make sure to follow @Yellowstone on Twitter for daily clues.

Then, on Sunday, November 7 as Yellowstone Season 4 premieres, the final round takes hold. Within, everyone who correctly guessed locations will put their knowledge to the test in a Yellowstone Quick Draw Quiz! Within, the first fan to answer Yellowstone trivia correctly will take home the prize.

Sound like your cup o’ coffee? Of course it does! Stay tuned to Outsider.com for all the latest on Yellowstone Season 4 and the scavenger hunt – and happy hunting, fellow fans!