‘Yellowstone’ Highlights ‘The History of Walker’ With New Feature

by Jonathan Howard

Over the seasons, Ryan Bingham‘s Yellowstone character, Walker has been a fan favorite. Not everyone on the ranch agrees, though. Bingham has brought a lot to the show from his music to Walker’s rivalry with Rip Wheeler. Life on the ranch isn’t always the easiest. Especially when you’re ready to leave the ranch. That usually ends with a trip on the Long Black Train or at least having to leave Montana for the rest of your days.

Out of all of the characters in the series, it feels like Walker has evolved more than most. He went from down-on-his-luck former felon to a ranch hand. All while trying to make a living playing his songs here and there. Oh, and all of the beatings and violence along the way.

A new video from Yellowstone shows the evolution that Walker has taken over the course of four seasons, going on five. Check that out below and see it for yourself. So many memories, so many great moments – and a few very scary ones as well.

Even for a formerly incarcerated cowboy, life can be damn hard. Especially when you’re facing Rip Wheeler of all people. The imposing forces that are Rip and Lloyd on the ranch can be too much for even the most hardened cowboys.

One thing that is notable about Walker, he’s one of the few folks on Yellowstone to get his job on the ranch back. And, he might just be the only one that has ever survived a driver out to the “train station.” That, along with his great songs and music, has made him a fan favorite.

What will Season 5 have in store for the ranch hands and others on Yellowstone?

What to Expect from ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

Alright Outsiders, here’s the good news – Season 5 of Yellowstone is about halfway through production. The bad news – is November is still like four months away. However, that’s not all bad. We have some insight into what we are going to be seeing, so let’s talk about it.

First of all, expect more Beth Dutton and Rip. These two were featured in last season pretty heavily, and it was great. The relationship between the two is just inherently compelling. And, when good-looking, singing cowboys come through – it makes it even more exciting. We know Beth can get herself into some trouble every now and again.

Besides that, we know that we are also going to get a heavy dose of politics. There should also be lots of Dutton flashbacks with the “young” versions of John, Beth, Rip, and more gracing the screen for the new season. This one feels like it is going to be bigger and better than the four seasons before it. If only we didn’t have to wait so dang long!

Yellowstone Season 5 keeps getting closer and we’re going to be counting down the minutes.