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‘Yellowstone’ Hot Take: Fan Debates If Beth’s Hate Towards Jamie Is Undeserved

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

While Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) has become a fan favorite character on Yellowstone, she also has her share of detractors. And that includes one fan who recently posted to Reddit saying he or she wouldn’t mind if Beth was written out of the show next season.

In the post, the fan said Beth’s undying hatred of Jamie (Wes Bentley) has just gotten to be too much. And the fan contended Beth bears some responsibility for getting pregnant as a teen. Were Jamie’s actions cold, calculating and inconsiderate of Beth? Yes, but they were both very young when that sequence of events happened, the fan argued. She should let it go already.

“I’m ok with Beth being written out of the story next season… the character has reached its peak,” the fan added.

Yellowstone Fans Debate Beth-Jamie Dynamic

Other fans hopped into the discussion to point out that that hot take – which was based on a four-day binge – would probably have softened if the fan watched the show spread out over weeks or months instead of days. But they agreed that the Beth-Jamie dynamic is hyperbolically toxic and has gotten way too predictable.

“The Beth-Jamie dynamic gets older much faster during a binge,” one fan explained. “Their relationship in Season 1 seemed more like a back-and-forth ‘frenemies’ vibe, with Beth even breaking down in front of Jamie when they were in the car together and Jamie trying to show he cares in his own way. I just can’t imagine a scene like that happening ever again after 2-3 seasons of their interactions being nothing but verbal (and physical) floggings by Beth.”

“I agree,” another Yellowstone fan posted. “Beth’s hatred of Jaime is just way over the top. I wondered why John would allow Beth to just eviscerate her brother like that. Jaime is so submissive in nature and Beth is so dominant in her manner, he has become the perfect dumping ground for all her anger.”

“Jamie and Beth are still the massively egotistical and psychopathic siblings who act downright stupid/bizarre and hate each other,” yet another fan summed things up. “And I guess the writers think we want to see that forever so they keep it going.”

Even Beth’s Fans Think It’s Over-the-Top

Some Beth fans jumped into the fray to argue with the suggestion that Beth be written out of the show. But even they had to admit the Beth-Jamie dynamic on Yellowstone is over-the-top.

“I love Beth! The show would be boring without her especially season 4,” one fan wrote. “However, I agree with your points. The hate is too intense it gives me anxiety lol.”

“There is so much hate in Beth,” another Beth defender acknowledged. “Also having her mother die and place blame on Beth directly to her 10-year-old face. Really there is a ton of baggage she carries around. Then top it off with a horrible brother who thinks it’s best if she didn’t ever have a child,” a Beth supporter wrote. “I have some sympathy for her and I’d miss her if she was written off. Her level of hostility is unique to any leading female character I’ve seen.”

Will series co-creator Taylor Sheridan take Beth’s domineering behavior to new heights in Season 5? As Season 4 ended, Beth had just gotten all the blackmail material on Jamie she’d ever need, and she proudly told her father (Kevin Costner) that the Duttons own Jamie now, thanks to her. But when it comes to Beth pushing Jamie around, we’ve been there, done that. Perhaps Sheridan has some surprising twists and turns up his sleeve?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to tune in to Season 5 when it finally airs later this year.