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‘Yellowstone’ Hot Take: Is Jimmy the ‘Best Character’ on the Show?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Deadline Hollywood )

Jimmy Hurdstrom is definitely a stand-out character on “Yellowstone.” Played by Jefferson White–who has said sometimes he feels like Jimmy on set–he’s more sensitive and vulnerable than his cowboy counterparts, even though he tries his hardest not to be. He’s generally teased, not respected in the bunkhouse or on the ranch, and is constantly messing up. When he first appeared, he had little to no skills but tried his best to learn.

Things started to turn around in season 4, though, when John Dutton sent Jimmy to Four-Sixes ranch. While there, he gained actual skills and respect, learned the ropes–literally–and just generally grew into the best version of himself; someone confident in what he can do, and who can trust the people around him to have his back. He even met a girl there who lifts him up at every turn. He’s in a healthy relationship now, and left the one with Mia behind.

Some “Yellowstone” fans came together in a Reddit thread to discuss Jimmy and his character development on the show. The original post made a bold claim that Jimmy is “the best character on the show,” and a majority of fans agreed.

“I like the fact that his story has advanced, when everyone else has shown little growth,” one fan noted, specifically talking about Jimmy’s role in season 4. Another fan replied, “I 100% agree! He arrived at the ranch a twentysomething with no skills, was given to the Four Sixes to be trained, and came back a Cowboy and a man.”

This fan had a hot take about another “Yellowstone” character as well, in direct relation to Jimmy. They wrote, “It also shows how sh–y a teacher Rip is.”

What Do ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think of Jimmy’s Character Development?

Another fan sort of agreed with the original post’s sentiment, writing, “Wouldn’t say he’s the best character but his redemption storyline was the only thing I liked about season 4.” Harsh criticism for season 4; yet, a lot of fans thought Taylor Sheridan was more preoccupied with introducing his spin-offs than continuing to write good plots for “Yellowstone.”

“Very happy for the guy,” wrote a fan. “He almost had no chance to be much at the beginning. Love a story like his.” Truly, Jimmy has the best redemption arc. Say what you want about John, or Rip, or Beth; Jimmy is the true underdog of “Yellowstone.”

“When John called him Jim and not Jimmy in the stalls that’s when he was validated as a man,” another fan mentioned. Many other comments expressed the same sentiment; that Jimmy had the best character development or the most growth out of all the characters. There was one naysayer who was “hoping he stays in Texas permanently”; maybe they forgot about the new Four-Sixes series that will most likely feature Jimmy? Either way, it looks like Jimmy Hurdstrom remains an unexpected “Yellowstone” fan favorite.