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‘Yellowstone’: How Beth-Jamie Feud Could Be the Ranch’s Downfall

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are still trying to process the game-changing finale we witnessed just days ago.

Though it never actually went cold, the “Yellowstone” feud between Jamie and Beth Dutton is heating up in a big way. The season four finale is just the latest chapter in their long-lasting feud. Beth’s hatred for Jamie stems back to when they were just kids. Jamie, Beth’s older brother, signed off on a procedure that left his sister sterile and unable to bear children. She has, rightfully, held a grudge against Jamie ever since that incident. The ongoing battle between the siblings has been very ugly at times, including in the most recent episode. After threatening to kill Jamie, Beth lays out her brother’s options to keep his life. With the only suitable option to kill his biological father, Garrett Randall, Jamie shoots his father in the head.

The hatred between Jamie and Beth is intense and makes for one of the top “Yellowstone” storylines. Now, some “Yellowstone” fans wonder if Beth’s hatred for her brother will lead to the unraveling of the family ranch. In a recent Reddit thread, fans discuss the future ramifications of the sibling rivalry.

“With her plan to blackmail and control him, if he went rogue it would lead to the destruction of everything,” a Redditor predicts. “Think about it, for her to expose Jamie as a murderer she’d have to release the photo she took. That would lead to an investigation to find the body, that would uncover the Train Station. All the bodies there, all the people with the “Y” brand on them.”

This is a solid point and leads to unanswered questions for the Duttons and “Yellowstone” Ranch. Exposure of the “train station” would be worrisome for the Duttons.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Believe Beth’s Anger Could Be a Detriment

While Beth Dutton may have Jamie backed into a corner, how long will it be until he fights back.

As he tells his father earlier in the season, Jamie knows where the family’s skeletons are buried — literally. If he so desired, Jamie could easily exploit the Dutton’s family numerous crimes, including several murders.

“If the writers are smart, this will indeed come to pass,” another Redditor says. “I do think Beth forcing Jamie to kill his dad will potentially open up the fearlessness his dad had wanted to instill in him. Remember when he took all the titles in S3 from the office in the dark? Bring back that Jamie and let the games begin.”

It seems “Yellowstone” will continue to explore the depths of the Jaime vs. Beth storyline in future seasons. There is still much to unpack here and with a long “Yellowstone” hiatus in front of us, you can the show’s robust fan base is up to the task.