‘Yellowstone’: How Beth’s Double Dealings With Market Equities Will Come to a Boil

by Leanne Stahulak

We’ve got a new episode of “Yellowstone” to look forward to tonight, and it looks like things finally come to a head between Beth Dutton and Caroline Warner.

Last week, “Yellowstone” fans watched Beth expertly manipulate the situation between Market Equities and Summer Higgins’ protestors. She advised Warner (Jacki Weaver) to just get the press off their property and send in agents to deal with the protestors later that night. Warner followed her advice, except the press still showed up (likely at Beth’s call).

This is the groundwork for Beth’s grand plan to ruin Market Equities. She joined their team with the sole purpose of destroying them from the inside out, and now it looks like the company’s going to learn just how dangerous Beth can be.

In a recent “Yellowstone” video called “Behind the Story,” Weaver mentioned how “It looks like Caroline and Beth are going to make a team. But I think there will be fireworks on the horizon.” Those fireworks will likely come when Warner learns of Beth’s betrayal of Market Equities.

If things go according to Beth’s plan, national news organizations will cover the company’s treatment of protestors and throw the entire issue out into the spotlight. If Beth gets bigger environmental groups to pay attention, it could halt the building of the airport on Yellowstone Dutton Ranch land for good. And sink Market Equities as revenge for their actions so far.

But Market Equities isn’t the only one who will pay. Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, said in “Behind the story” that Beth “sets Summer up for a very big fall.” We see her get charged with felony aggravated assault on a peace officer. Did Beth just destroy two birds with one stone? We’ll have to wait until tonight’s episode to find out for sure.

Tensions Rise as ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Narrows Down to Last Two Episodes

Tonight is the penultimate episode of “Yellowstone” Season 4. Fans eagerly awaited a confrontation between the Duttons and whoever attacked them in Season 3. And now, it looks like that conflict might finally come to a head.

The official “Yellowstone” Twitter account posted a 30-second teaser of tonight’s episode earlier today. From the looks of it, John makes impulsive decisions that Beth doesn’t approve of. She tries to persuade Rip to change his mind, but Rip says, “Beth I can’t stop your father from doing anything. He does what he does because he thinks he’s right.”

Could his actions have to do with his run for governor? Or potentially meeting Garrett Randall in person again? We see the two meet up in a diner later on in the teaser. Will the truth finally come out that Randall ordered the attacks?

Check out the teaser below and make sure you tune into “Yellowstone” tonight at 8 p.m. EST on the Paramount Network.