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‘Yellowstone’: How Beth’s Mother Had a Negative Impact on Her Decisions

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

If you’re as invested in “Yellowstone” as we are, then you already know about Beth Dutton’s rocky relationship with her late mother. Since she was a teen, Beth faced ridicule and disapproval from the woman. And Beth has some major emotional issues with this. Fans are now reflecting on the character’s relationship and the negative impact her mother has on her.

In a Reddit thread discussing the topic, one fan poses that “Mama Dutton is CRAZY.” If you recall, there’s a moment from the first season when teenage Beth is riding a horse timidly alongside Kayce and her mom. Beth is noticeably terrified of the animal. Instead of offering comfort, the Dutton mother chastises Beth for being so scared of the animal. When Beth’s riding scares the horse, it has a domino effect. The matriarch Dutton’s horse rears up, knocking her off and causing her to break her neck. This is how she dies.

Feeling mixed emotions for the remainder of her days, Beth struggles with being blamed for the death and how she never got closure with her mom. However, fans have another outlook on the relationship.

“Not crazy. Mean and abusive. John Dutton had to be aware of it on some level, enablers are seldom 100% unaware. Though, there are some who are excellent at being abusive behind closed doors and different when others are observing. Some of it got passed off as ‘tough love’ and the boys got some of that too. But Beth got a raw deal from mommy dearest,” one Reddit user writes in response to the original poster.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Beth’s Mom’s Actions

Another agreed with the position saying, “Totally agree about Evelyn Dutton. She seemed like a b**ch. This supposed matriarch that John has been pining away for or Beth can’t get over, sure seemed kind of insensitive and spiteful. Taylor Sheridan either doesn’t know how to write women well or doesn’t care to. I haven’t quite figured out which one it is yet…”

But other fans seem to think that maybe there’s more to the story we just don’t know. There was a tender moment during Christmas when Beth doesn’t come downstairs to open presents. Her mother discovers she’s just started her period for the first time and goes to comfort her. This side shows she’s perhaps just trying to teach Beth about the tougher side of living on a ranch rather than just ragging on her for no reason.

“Most of her mentality and mental issues definitely stem from her mother and her mother’s death… in her environment, she was bound to be a little tougher, growing up on a ranch and having three brothers and a dozen ranch hands influencing the way you think and talk, her mother was probably one of her few gateways into femininity. But her mother likely wasn’t such a delicate flower either,” another poster writes.

And while fans seem to have it figured out, we know that Beth was also traumatized by her experience with an abortion as a teen. This momentous life event caused Beth to grow up resenting Jamie – who didn’t tell her in the process of her abortion that she was also being sterilized. Beth’s unstable emotional state is a result of multiple factors, with her mother being only a piece of the puzzle.