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‘Yellowstone’: How Fans Feel About Season 5 Being Split Into Two Parts

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” showrunners released quite a lot of news this week concerning Season 5 and the upcoming spin-off series. While much of the news was thrilling, other details were met with a mixed reaction by many online.

Executive producer Chris McCarthy told the Wall Street Journal that the new season will be split into two parts, with seven episodes each. So fans will get four more episodes than usual. Plus, the first part is projected to air this summer while Part 2 airs this fall. That’s sooner than anyone expected.

But for “Yellowstone” fans on this Reddit thread, it’s not more episodes that they asked for. It’s more quality in the storytelling.

“I honestly don’t know what to think about this. If it can have a great storyline and only focus on Yellowstone (not 6666 and 1883) then I’m fine with it,” one fan wrote in the comments. “But if it’s with more of those scenes even though I enjoy them I don’t want it. Also, commercials will be a drag.”

Another fan put out there, “I think the reason they’ve increased the number of episodes is to accommodate more spin-offs showcased during Yellowstone without upsetting the fans too much.”

During Season 4, some fans didn’t love the flashback scenes to “1883,” the prequel series. Not to mention the Jimmy storyline, which took place on the “6666” ranch. Jimmy’s story didn’t really tie into the Duttons until the very end of the season. However, some fans know that the episodes setting up further spinoffs will mean a richer “Yellowstone” endgame with a whole lot more content for us all to enjoy.

“I don’t mind that, especially if it means more plot, and maybe less time to wait for season 5 to start,” someone else said. “More Yellowstone is always welcome! I just hope it’s entirely Yellowstone or only a very tiny amount of 6666.”

Some ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Slam New Split Season 5

One of the top-up-voted comments on the Reddit thread, however, got straight to the point about the new change. “That’s not what the viewers want,” the comment read.

A different fan followed up by saying, “We haven’t got what we want since season 3. Now we get tuna helper with a side of Jimmy.”

“Yellowstone” Season 3 left viewers with high expectations. It ended on a delicious cliffhanger with many lives hanging in the balance. But many felt let down by the direction of Season 4, and what felt like a lack of focus in the storyline. Especially when a lot of that storyline was dedicated to other spin-offs.

“This sounds horrible. They’re going to use season 5 as more commercials for their new series, just like season 4 was 30% spinning horses,” a different fan said. Granted, we did see a lot of horse shots in “Yellowstone” Season 4.

But that doesn’t mean we should necessarily go into this new season with the bar on the ground. Taylor Sheridan is known for producing high-quality work, and we’re sure that Season 5 will blow our minds just as much as previous seasons did.