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‘Yellowstone’: How Fans Want to Fix ‘Gaping’ Beth Dutton Plot Hole

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Of all the wonderful characters on the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” Beth Dutton is one of the most fascinating.

Beth is the queen of “Yellowstone” Ranch and she rules with an iron fist. One of the aspects that makes her one of the most beloved characters is her past. Beth got pregnant at a very young age and turned to her older brother, Jamie Dutton, for help. Jamie took his sister to a clinic in order to terminate the pregnancy. Before the procedure begins, Jamie is notified that Beth will also be sterilized, rendering her able to bear children in the future. Unwilling to damage the family name, Jamie signs off on the procedure and Beth gets the abortion operation. Now sterile, she holds a deep grudge against her brother for okaying the surgery that left her baren.

In a recent Reddit thread, some “Yellowstone” fans suggest there is a major plot hole within this story.

“The idea that nobody told Beth that she will be getting sterilized along with the abortion has been talked about a lot here,” a Reddit user says. Gaping plot hole that affects the believability of the entire show. Is it possible that the writers can come up with something that will be interesting and believable to fill that hole? I don’t know. Something like they told Beth and she agreed but she hated Jamie for some other reason and just used that to hold over his head? Or maybe Jamie paid or somehow threatened the clinic staff into not telling her? Can you think of anything?”

It does seem unlikely that a medical professional would perform a procedure without informing the patient of what would happen. It is important to remember that Beth was underage and needed an adult to sign off.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate if a ‘Plot Hole’ Exists

Though it happened a long time ago, Beth’s procedure is still very much a topic of relevancy through “Yellowstone” season four. It is the primary source of her hatred toward her older, adopted brother, Jamie. Another Redditor says the sterilization practice was common on Native American reservations.

“It was the practice and it was terrible because they would NOT tell the Natives that is what would happen,” the Reddit user says. “The lady only told Jamie because they were white. The doctor would not have this discussion with the young lady. It’s not a plot hole at all, it’s based on reality.”

It is safe to say that the rivalry between Beth and Jamie is far from over. It is likely to be a focal point in the next season and seasons beyond.

After the events of the fourth season finale, it looks like the tide has turned in Beth’s favor. How will she use her leverage against Jamie? The answer to that question could come in “Yellowstone” season five.