‘Yellowstone’: How Long Was Jimmy Gone From Dutton Ranch?

by Leanne Stahulak

Jimmy Hurdstrom experienced a transformation throughout “Yellowstone” Season 4, turning him from a confused boy into a grown man. But, does growth follow a specific timeline?

We see Jimmy head off to the Four-Sixes Ranch in Texas after John Dutton’s been in the hospital for two months. We see several montages of him riding around the Four-Sixes, learning how to rope and be a proper cowboy. He even meets a woman, a veterinarian, and falls in love. This all could’ve happened in weeks or months, as far as “Yellowstone” showrunners are concerned.

But “Yellowstone” fans wonder if there is a concrete timeline that can be tied down. One person started the discussion on Reddit earlier today. They asked, “How long has Jimmy been gone when he returns in s4ep10? The amount of ”growth’ he experiences and his new fiancé etc doesn’t seem to line up with the few weeks that seems to have passed back at the ranch.”

For the record, it feels like more than a few weeks have passed at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. John Dutton supposedly got discharged from the hospital in August. But in certain scenes, we see snow on the ground. So, it’s conceivable that the fall season has passed since John sent Jimmy away.

Other fans agree. “My understanding is that a few months had passed. A few months of 12 hour days with nothing else to focus on, I buy it. Seems reasonable,” one person commented.

“Basic Training changes some people in a little less than 3 months,” another fan added. This is an interesting but valid comparison to how Jimmy changed through the work he put in on the Four-Sixes.

Other fans dug deep into the evidence provided by different documents or comments made on the show that indicate time. Those documents indicate only a few weeks have passed, which does seem unreasonable. But as for me, I’ll stick to the snow theory. Enough time has passed for the seasons to change, indicating at least a few months.

Will We Actually See Jimmy and Emily on ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-Off ‘6666?’

Earlier this month, the Paramount Network revealed that “Yellowstone” was renewed for Season 5. We expected nothing less, but the official confirmation is nice to hear. Included in the announcement, however, was an interesting tidbit that might affect the future of Taylor Sheridan’s spin-off, “6666.”

Kathryn Kelly, who plays Emily the vet tech, was promoted to series regular alongside Jen Landon (Teeter). This means they’ll star in at least half the episode of “Yellowstone” Season 5. So if they’re going to be seen so much in Season 5, then does that mean we won’t see them on “6666?”

It’s definitely a possibility. Another possibility is that Season5 will officially set up Jimmy and Emily to start their new adventures in Texas. Although it seemed like Season 4 did that, what with them driving off into the sunset. But maybe Jimmy still has business in Montana, causing them to stick around a little while longer.

We’ll have to wait until Season 5 airs (hopefully) this fall to find out for sure. We’re just glad to see more of Jimmy and Emily’s relationship. Whether that’s on “Yellowstone” or “6666.”