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‘Yellowstone’: How Loyal Is Walker to the Dutton Ranch?

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

Yellowstone’s Walker (Ryan Bingham) may be a branded ranch hand, but he’s no Rip (Cole Hauser). The part-time musician has tried on multiple occasions to put the Dutton Ranch behind him. And even after he took on the brand that’s supposedly a sign of loyalty to the ranch, he spoke wistfully to Jimmy (Jefferson White) about the Four Sixes Ranch.

From John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) perspective, Walker has brought more than his share of trouble to the ranch. First, he provoked Rip to fight him over his dalliance with Beth (Kelly Reilly) and his reluctance to work. Then he provoked Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) by starting a fling with Laramie (Hassie Harrison).

But even Yellowstone fans have to admit that many of Walker’s objections to the Dutton Ranch – for example, that murder is illegal – ring true. With Jimmy, also a branded ranch hand, having left the ranch for the Four Sixes, will Walker somehow find a way to follow in his footsteps? Or will he feel some lingering loyalty to the Dutton Ranch, even after all he’s been through?

Yellowstone Fans Debate How Loyal Walker Is

On Reddit, fans are now debating Walker’s loyalty to the Dutton Ranch. One fan kicked off the thread by wondering about the Duttons’ willingness to pick up ex-cons and about Walker’s character in particular.

“Do you think Walker has any real loyalty to Yellowstone?” the fan asked. “He seems nomadic, shady and self-serving. But not a really bad man so far.”

“I haven’t finished the latest season, but isn’t he always trying to get away and telling people that do leave that they should stay away for good[?],” another fan replied. “Doesn’t seem very loyal to me. And I don’t blame him, the people on that ranch are despicable people.”

Other fans hopped in to second that last sentiment. They said Walker has good reason to express qualms. After all, the Dutton Ranch denizens often operate like Mafiosi.

“Didn’t he say he killed a guy in a barfight? Could’ve been lying, but yeah, he’s far less shady than many of the others,” another fan chimed in. “Rip murders people whenever John tells him to… Lloyd used to have Rip’s job and is the same. Kayce’s a good guy at heart but also shoots first and asks questions later. Jamie wanted to serve the ranch, wants to be more important, and looks out for himself so he’s killed twice now. Beth will screw over anyone who spites her.”

“Him not wanting to go back to prison is the entire reason he’s back on the show after Kayce ‘took him to the train station,’” yet another fan added. “He didn’t keep his promise to Kayce to leave the state because he’s on parole and isn’t legally allowed to leave the state. The dude is basically being kidnapped and blackmailed into being part of their criminal enterprise. Why would he be loyal?”

Walker Is Likely to Leave the Dutton Ranch

Bingham has reportedly signed on to join the Yellowstone spinoff 6666 along with White. So while his character remained at the Dutton Ranch as Season 4 ended, that looks to be a temporary situation.

When Jimmy was preparing to leave, reluctantly, for the Texas ranch, Walker revealed that he’d spent some time at the Four Sixes. He told Jimmy that at the Four Sixes, there was none of the ego and bullsh-t he’d found at the Dutton Ranch. And he said leaving there was the greatest regret of his life.

The question now is, how will series co-creator Taylor Sheridan write Walker onto the Four Sixes? With months to go before Season 5 premieres, there’s plenty of time for fans to place their bets.