‘Yellowstone’: How Many People Has Kayce Dutton Killed So Far?

by Leanne Stahulak

While we know that Rip Wheeler is the guy who takes care of the Dutton’s dirty business on “Yellowstone,” Kayce Dutton also has a fair share of blood on his hands.

When many fans start “Yellowstone” for the first time, they’re shocked by how many people Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) kills within even the first half of Season 1. One fan took to Reddit recently to ask other “Yellowstone” fans if they can expect this much violence the rest of the season.

“HOW MANY PEOPLE does Kayce kill?!” the original poster titled the discussion. “I’m on Ep4 and we’re up to 4 so far. All with the same gun. And 3 of those were incidental/just happened to be driving past!!! I’m happy to suspend a certain amount of disbelief but this is too far, and all from one man! Tell me it will chill out soon?!”

Unfortunately, many fans confirmed that it does not, in fact, chill out at all. While Kayce Dutton doesn’t kill many more men after the initial four in Season 1, there is definitely more death on “Yellowstone.”

“Well he does use a pistol a lot less often moving forward,” one fan commented.

“As many as it takes to protect the Ranch and his family,” another person said in response to how many people Kayce kills.

Someone else added, “Just like with James Bond and Jason Bourne movies, you will need serious ‘suspension of disbelief’ skills to deal with all the mayhem and violence that occurs in this series.”

So, Who Have We Seen Kayce Dutton Off on ‘Yellowstone?’

Breaking down the exact number of people Kayce Dutton has killed on “Yellowstone” isn’t so simple. For one thing, Kayce served in the military for several years. He told his father a story about a family of three he killed once, and we’re sure there are many more deaths on his hands from his time overseas.

But there are a few concrete deaths we can nail down. In Season 1 of “Yellowstone,” we start off with Kayce Dutton murdering his brother’s murderer. Who also happens to be his brother-in-law. Robert Long kills Lee Dutton, Kayce’s brother, then tries to kill Kayce. The youngest Dutton shoots Robert before he himself can be shot.

Then, in the next episode, Kayce is talking about Robert’s death with his wife Monica when they drive past an explosion. A meth lab exploded on the side of the road, and Kayce puts a man out of his misery when he’s injured in the blast.

And in the next episode, Kayce once again drives past a suspicious scene. He pulls over to confront this strange white van. Then, Kayce discovers that two men kidnapped a young girl from the Broken Rock Reservation. Kayce frees the girl and kills the two men who tried to traffic her.

This all occurs within the first four episodes of “Yellowstone” Season 1. Kayce doesn’t kill anyone else for the rest of that season or the first half of Season 2. But then, the Beck Brothers kidnap his son, Tate. In retaliation, Kayce murders Teal Beck, one of the brothers. He also gets into a shootout with the Montana Free Militia, who hold Tate hostage. We have no idea how many people Kayce exactly killed in this fight.

In Season 3 and 4, we once again watch Kayce get into bigger shootouts with several opponents. So again, it’s hard to pin down the exact number of people he’s killed. But safe to say it numbers in the dozens.