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‘Yellowstone’: How Mo Brings Plenty Feels About Potential Plans for His Character

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Among the most popular characters on the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is an unlikely Native American star.

Mo Brings Plenty, who plays “Mo” on “Yellowstone” has won over the hearts of the show’s massive fan base. Brings Plenty adds a layer of authenticity to “Yellowstone” that most shows simply do not have. Not only is he a Native American, but Brings Plenty is also a legit cattle rancher with a great love for the outdoors. His “Yellowstone” character is the driver, advisor, and enforcer for Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwater. Many fans have described him as the tribe’s very own Rip Wheeler and it’s hard to argue with that claim. Much like Rip, Mo is a total bada** that you do not want to cross. He has no qualms about doing away with his tribe’s enemies, much the same as Rip does for the Dutton family.

While Mo has become one of the most popular “Yellowstone” characters, that wasn’t always the plan. Rumors have swirled that Brings Plenty’s character on the show wasn’t meant to be a permanent fixture. Instead, he was only to make a few appearances during his “Yellowstone” run. In a recent interview with Verve Times, the actor says he loves playing the character and hope to keep doing it for a long time.

“I love the character and I love the fans that support the show as well,” he says. “I just went with the flow.”

“Yellowstone” fans are certainly happy that Brings Plenty is going with the flow and hope he continues on with the show. Mo has had a larger role this season, including a terrific scene earlier this season when he tortures a Dutton family attacker. Mo is in his element and it makes for a memorable scene.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Pinches Himself

In the interview, Brings Plenty shares just how thrilled he is to be a part of the “Yellowstone” cast.

“There are times I still have to pinch myself, you know because I grew up on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. And, and now here I am,” he says. “I’m standing here side-by-side with Kevin Costner. I’m like, is this for real?”

Brings Plenty also touts Yellowstone’s emphasis on cultural diversity as a high point.

“In society today, there’s a racial diversity, there’s a great movement for it but we need to also incorporate the cultural diversity, which is going to be the savior of humanity,” he says. “The representation of it in front of the camera, it’s not just an important part, it’s the representation off-camera as well in everyday life.”

With the season four finale just days away, “Yellowstone” fans are pulling for Mo Brings Plenty. We’ll find out what the “Yellowstone” future holds for him this Sunday.