‘Yellowstone’: How Sheriff Donnie Protected His Daughter From the Beck Brothers

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

“Yellowstone” fans can universally agree that one of the most heartwrenching scenes from Season 4 involved Sheriff Donnie Haskell.

We saw him bleed out after a robber shot him at the local diner. John Dutton and Rip Wheeler took out most of the robbers at the diner, where they held hostages. But when the sheriff pulled out his gun and shot the perps too, they ended up killing him.

Before he died, though, Haskell asked John to call his daughter. He got to speak to her one last time before he passed, in a highly emotional scene. But the moment did spark questions in some “Yellowstone” fans.

They thought back to Season 2 when the Beck Brothers were the evil force in town. At that time, Haskell and John butt heads a lot because Haskell was forced to work for the Becks. They held his gambling debts over him, but surprisingly, never threatened his daughter.

One “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit pointed out that, “In season 2, Malcolm Beck says Sheriff Donnie Haskell doesn’t have kids but in season 4 he has a grown daughter??”

Several fans shared their hot takes on how Taylor Sheridan wrote in Haskell’s daughter this season when she could’ve been a main plot point for Season 2.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Share Theories on Sheriff Haskell Now Having a Daughter

The original poster who asked the question eventually went back and found the moment that “Yellowstone” addressed Sheriff Haskell not having children. In “S2 E10 18:15,” Malcolm Beck said, “I wish to God you had children, Donnie.”

One of the more prevalent theories from “Yellowstone” fans inferred that Haskell simply kept his daughter super secret. “It can be inferred that Donnie lied about his adult daughter in order to protect her, as she apparently lives far away,” one fan commented on the post.

Another person followed up and said, “Agreed. And the Becks didn’t do their homework on the Duttons. Kayce asked Teale about it, “Don’t you know us, what made you think we wouldn’t fight back?'”

This is a super valid point, especially if you consider that the daughter might have a different last name or another way that keeps her from being tied to Haskell. One “Yellowstone” fan also raised a good point about the age difference.

“Maybe they meant, no kids as in children or teens,” the fan wrote. “Because they kidnapped Kayce’s child, not someone Kayce’s age for example.”

While this makes sense at first glance, let’s also remember that the Beck Brothers completely went after Beth and had men hurt her and try to sexually assault her. So, if they knew about the existence of Haskell’s daughter, they likely would’ve tried something similar.