‘Yellowstone’: How Tate Could Be the Secret to the Ranch’s Survival

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

We know that Yellowstone fans love to come up with different ideas involving characters. This one involves Tate, Kayce and Monica’s son. Apparently, this fan thread offers up some idea that Tate could be the secret to keeping the Dutton Ranch alive and kicking. Tate is played by Brecken Merrill on Yellowstone and he does a really solid job of playing this couple’s son.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Pegs Tate As The Secret To Keeping Dutton Ranch Alive

Firstly, let’s see what the hubbub is about in a thread from Reddit. What is all this Yellowstone and Tate being a secret to the ranch’s survival business? Secondly, this fan writes: “Finally got around to watching 1883. G*ddamn that was GOOD! Proof that Sheridan can actually write a real gem. So, based upon the ending of 1883 where the Crow chief tells James Dutton that in 7 generations his people will rise up to take the land back – and we know from Governor Perry that the Yellowstone is a “seven-generation ranch,” my question to all of you is: how will the mothership end since we are in the 7th generation (presumably Beth/Kayce’s generation)?”

Thirdly, this fan gives his simple guess. “Rainwater & Mo will emerge victorious, probably through a legal/political battle. I think Jamie will undermine the family by assisting the tribe in some key way (whether leaking information or creating favorable legal/political conditions for the tribe’s success) — his ultimate payback for being shunned and, call me crazy, I still think his birth mom is gonna wind up being Native. Curious where Kayce’s allegiance will be: tribe/Monica or Dad/Duttons. I predict tribe. I used to think this would end sort of ambiguously but definitely no longer convinced of that. Some combination of John, Rip, and Beth will die, most likely violently. Hell, maybe the whole family will. Wouldn’t that be something.”

Could Kayce End Up Leaving Monica In Season 5?

This Yellowstone fan says: “Yellowstone given to Tate and his heritage allows it to be made into a park or reservation effectively prohibiting development.” So, this Yellowstone fan says in response: “Nah. I used to believe it would be ‘given’ to him but now I think something far uglier will go down.”

This prognostication focuses on Kayce, played by Luke Grimes, and Monica, played by Kelsey Asbille. “Kayce leaves Monica in the coming season, I have little doubt about that. Maybe something along these lines is why.”

People do love seeing Brecken Merrill on the show. But he does get a lot of questions about his horse, Lucky. “The number 1 question I get asked is, ‘Where is Lucky?’” Merrill said on Instagram. “So now I’m asking you guys. Where is Lucky? Wrong answers only!”